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Re: bash_completion - subversion add: svn ls/merge ^/<remote path>

From: Julian Foad <julianfoad_at_btopenworld.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2015 15:59:29 +0100

On 19 August 2015, I (Julian Foad) wrote:
> Christian Ferbar wrote:
>> this patch works for svn ls and svn merge now.
> Thanks, Chris. This looks lovely! I'll try it out later.

I committed it in r1701494.

I omitted the part where you changed the handling of
SVN_BASH_COMPL_EXT to print an error message, because I prefer the
commit to contain just one logical change and because the error
message makes the output almost unusable if you don't want URL
completion to be enabled and you press <TAB>. You also suggested we
could omit the checking of that variable entirely, which sounds like a
better idea.

I haven't yet done any of the other ideas mentioned above and below.
Please do contribute any additional improvements if you wish!


- Julian

>> I'm not sure if it makes sense for other commands, however it is a separate function an can be used easily for other commands as well.
> I'm sure it makes sense to enable URL completion for lots of other
> commands -- e.g., "svn copy URL1 URL2" is often used for branching and
> tagging.
>> _svn_lls() looks broken for me because ${dn}.svn/text-base/${fn}.svn-base doesn't exist any more
> Good observation. I'll see if I can fix or delete that part.
>> I suggest to enable SVN_BASH_COMPL_EXT=urls by default since nobody reads a documentation and enables it.
> Yes, good point.
> - Julian
>>> Thanks, Chris. This looks much better already. (I haven't tried it.)
>>> > I need some feedback concerning:
>>> >
>>> > -> how to deal with svn error messages written to stderr, for example:
>>> > svn ls svn+ssh://svn.something.com/<tab><tab>user_at_svn.something.com's password:
>>> >
>>> > this happens when you forget to do ssh-add
>>> I suggest it should simply not provide any completions that cannot be
>>> obtained without further input. Use --non-interactive so that
>>> Subversion does not prompt for passwords. Prevent any stderr output
>>> being printed to the console (maybe use "2> /dev/null"). Then make
>>> sure the script behaves OK (just returning no completions) when
>>> Subversion returns an error. You might need to look for a non-zero
>>> exit code explicitly, but maybe not: it might be enough to just try
>>> parsing the stdout and if there is no recognizable stdout then you get
>>> no resulting completions.
>>> > -> in bash >= 4 they changed COMP_WORDS. The Line will be split at : as well, so "file:/something" are 3 array items. Nobody would use subversion 1.9 with bash 3 ... probably. I will drop bash 3 statements, for example:
>>> >
>>> > if [[ $cur == file:* ]]
>>> >
>>> > ok?
>>> Dropping support for Bash 3 sounds OK to me, if it is difficult to
>>> keep it working. Especially good if only the URL completion depends on
>>> Bash 4 and all the rest of the existing kinds of completion keep
>>> working with Bash 3.
>>> >> Please can URL completion work on full URLs as well as on relative URLs?
>>> > for SVN LS this is done:
>>> >
>>> > 1. svn ls tabtab -> ^/ file:/// http:// https:// svn:// svn+ssh://
>>> > 2. svn ls svn+ssh://tabtab -> will look at the ~/.ssh/known_hosts
>>> > 3. svn ls http[s]://tabtab -> lookup in ~/.subversion/simple-auth - should still be working
>>> > 4. svn ls proto://server/tabtab or ^/tabtab -> autocomplete via "svn ls"
>>> Excellent, that looks like the sort of thing I was hoping for.
>>> - Julian
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