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Re: 1.9/trunk build errors when building without OpenSSL

From: Stefan Hett <stefan_at_egosoft.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 14:51:02 +0200

> On 7/21/2015 7:55 AM, Branko ─îibej wrote:
>> On 20.07.2015 16:20, Stefan Hett wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> following several hours of investigation and discussion on IRC with
>>> danielsh, philipm and bert I believe there to be some issue in the
>>> build generator for Windows.
>>> Running the python command:
>>> python gen-make.py -t vcproj --with-zlib=..\zlib --with-apr=..\apr
>>> --with-apr-util=..\apr-util --vsnet-version=2010
>>> followed by building (using VS 2010 SP1):
>>> msbuild subversion_vcnet.sln /t:__ALL_TESTS__ /p:Configuration=Release
>>> I get 8 project errors:
>>> - libsvn_ra_dll: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file
>>> 'ssleay32.lib'
>>> [E:\[delete]SVNTest\SVN\src-trunk\build\win32\vcnet-vcproj\libsvn_ra_dll.vcxproj]
>>> - test_client: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file
>>> 'ssleay32.lib'
>>> [E:\[delete]SVNTest\SVN\src-trunk\build\win32\vcnet-vcproj\test_client.vcxproj]
>>> - conflict-data-test: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input
>>> file 'ssleay32.lib'
>>> [E:\[delete]SVNTest\SVN\src-trunk\build\win32\vcnet-vcproj\test_conflict_data.vcxproj]
>>> - some more tests - all with ssleay32.lib missing
>>> ssleay32.lib is an OpenSSL library specified in build.conf in the
>>> openssl-section alongside libeay32.lib for the "msvc-libs"-option.
>>> Looking at the generated libsvn_ra_dll.vcxproj-file actually shows the
>>> additional linker dependencies being set to:
>>> [...]ssleay32.lib;libeay32.lib;secur32.lib[...]
>>> IMHO this is wrong. I'm explicitly building without OpenSSL as well as
>>> without serf and still these OpenSSL/Serf librarie references are
>>> being generated in the project files.
>>> Taken from build.conf:
>>> libsvn_ra specifies "ra_libs" as a libs dependency and "ra-libs"
>>> specifies "libsvn_ra_serf" as a libs-dependency which then specifies
>>> "serf" as a lib-dependency which defines msvc-libs as secur32.lib.
>>> "serf" then also defines "openssl" as the dependency which in effect
>>> takes ssleay32.lib and libeay32.lib as the setting for msvc-libs.
>>> gen_win.py:get_win_libs: takes the msvc-libs conditionless as the
>>> required dependencies *UNLESS* the target specifies msvc_static (in
>>> which case get_win_libs returns an empty array).
>>> Originally my thought was that the generated dependency tree should be
>>> adjusted so it correctly reflects the build-parameter-state (aka: drop
>>> serf/openSSL completely) but danielsh clarified to me that he believes
>>> the issue rather to be in the part generating the project output since
>>> the dependency tree should simply reflect exactly what is specified in
>>> the build.conf-file.
>>> So I guess that the issue is located in gen_win.py:get_win_libs() not
>>> omitting the libraries, if these are not specified by the gen-make
>>> commands.
>>> I've tested the attached patch and with that applied, running the two
>>> build commands stated above succeed with no errors (also verified that
>>> the generated project files then no longer contain the lib-references).
>>> However, I'm not 100% convinced yet that this is the correct approach
>>> or whether some more generic solution would be more suitable (aka one
>>> which would handle any optional library not present and the
>>> corresponding entry in the build dependency tree).
>>> Given that there's already another special case command omitting the
>>> ra-serf-install target if "serf" is not found, I guess the patch might
>>> be acceptable though.
>>> Nevertheless, I think some SVN developer is better of with providing
>>> more input on this so to find the right solution.
>>> (note: the issue also exists in 1.9 and currently results in the fact
>>> that building without OpenSSL fails on Windows - assuming this is not
>>> a problem in 1.8, it's a regression of 1.9 compared to 1.8).
>> It's very likely not a regression but a long-standing missing feature of
>> the Windows build generator.
>> Note that these days, the only thing that uses OpenSSL is Serf; so, the
>> libsvn_ra DLL should only link OpenSSL if we're statically linking Serf
>> and if Serf was build with OpenSSL support. Even then, I believe that
>> OpenSSL should be in the Serf library dependency list. I'd have expected
>> that there'd be no need to mention the OpenSSL importlib dependencies in
>> the libsvn_ra project at all ... but ISTR they're needed on Windows
>> despite the explicit dependency in Serf?
>> -- Brane
> I think I can't follow you here. openssl is only listed as a
> dependency in [serf] in build.conf. There's no explicit dependency to
> openSSL in libsvn_ra. Only the implicit one via serf.
> And yes, as far as my understanding with Windows/DLLs goes that's
> needed, unless you build openssl statically and link it that way into
> serf.
> For the record: I didn't test whether building openSSL statically and
> linking it that way with Serf is possible/supported at all.
> Regards,
> Stefan
I'c that a better approach was taken on trunk to resolve this problem.
Thanks for taking care and resolving the issue.

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