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Re: JavaHL - setConfigDirectory() method working?

From: Konstantin Kolinko <knst.kolinko_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 18:50:26 +0400

2011/5/17 Mark Phippard <markphip_at_gmail.com>:
> On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Konstantin Kolinko
> <knst.kolinko_at_gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2011/5/16 Mark Phippard <markphip_at_gmail.com>:
>>> Looking at the code in trunk, it seems like this is coded properly and
>>> should be working.  I am seeing unexpected behavior.  Maybe I just do
>>> not understand how it works?
>>> In Subclipse we expose UI to tell us the config directory location.
>>> Most people just leave this as the default, which is same as command
>>> line.  I wanted to test the password callbacks, so I pointed it at a
>>> new folder so that I would get prompted again to cache credentials and
>>> accept certs etc.  I have verified that the Subclipse code is properly
>>> calling the method to set this folder, however I do not get any
>>> prompts.
>>>  Only if I rename the default config directory do I get
>>> prompts.  And I also see SVN recreate the default.
>>> This leads me to believe this code is broken in trunk, but from what I
>>> can see it looks right.
>>> It looks like it calls a method on ClientContext:
>>> ClientContext::setConfigDirectory(const char *configDir)
>>> {
>>>    // A change to the config directory may necessitate creation of
>>>    // the config templates.
>>>    SVN::Pool requestPool;
>>>    SVN_JNI_ERR(svn_config_ensure(configDir, requestPool.pool()), );
>>>    m_configDir = (configDir == NULL ? "" : configDir);
>>> }
>>> Any ideas?
>> Just guessing:
>> 1. When you call the method, does it create
>> "README.txt", "config", "servers" files in the specified directory?
>> If so, then svn_config_ensure(..) call works correctly.
> Yes. But that is also why it seems like a problem in SVN.  I can see
> it create the folder but the actual auth cache is still coming from
> the default folder.  And if I remove the default folder, it gets
> recreated.

The default folder will always be recreated, because
org.apache.subversion.javahl.SVNClient Java class constructor always calls

It does not answer the question why you are observing this issue though.

>> 2. The m_configDir field is later used by
>> ClientContext::getContext(CommitMessage *message)
>> Are you calling getContext() after the call to setConfigDirectory() ?
> getContext() is not exposed to JavaHL.  It is only used internally by the C++.

Oh, I see. SVNClient.cpp calls it internally before every operation.

>> 3. Command line client works:
>> svn --config-dir conf co
>> creates the configuration directory, asks whether I trust the
>> certificate and remember the choice.
>> This is with svn 1.7.0-dev from TortoiseSVN nightly. It is built from
>> r1103260 of trunk.
> These questions are about JavaHL, not the CLI.  Of course it is good
> to validate it with the CLI, but as an example, I do not recall the
> CLI ever using the auth cache of the default configuration area when
> --config-dir was passed.  So it seems like this is potentially a
> problem in the way JavaHL is driving the API.

I was comparing JavaHL code with command line client usage of
svn_config_* API methods. Knowing that the command line client works
gives some confidence.

Looking into \subversion\libsvn_subr\cmdline.c it does:
 /* Build an authentication baton to give to libsvn_client. */
  svn_auth_open(ab, providers, pool);

  /* Place any default --username or --password credentials into the
     auth_baton's run-time parameter hash. */
  if (auth_username)
    svn_auth_set_parameter(*ab, SVN_AUTH_PARAM_DEFAULT_USERNAME,
  if (auth_password)
    svn_auth_set_parameter(*ab, SVN_AUTH_PARAM_DEFAULT_PASSWORD,

  /* Same with the --non-interactive option. */
  if (non_interactive)
    svn_auth_set_parameter(*ab, SVN_AUTH_PARAM_NON_INTERACTIVE, "");

  if (config_dir)
    svn_auth_set_parameter(*ab, SVN_AUTH_PARAM_CONFIG_DIR,

Compare the above with ClientContext.cpp in
ClientContext::getContext(CommitMessage *message). The code in
ClientContext.cpp forgets to pass the config_dir setting to the
authentication providers:
    /* Build an authentication baton to give to libsvn_client. */
    svn_auth_open(&ab, providers, pool);

    /* Place any default --username or --password credentials into the
     * auth_baton's run-time parameter hash. ### Same with --no-auth-cache? */
    if (!m_userName.empty())
        svn_auth_set_parameter(ab, SVN_AUTH_PARAM_DEFAULT_USERNAME,
    if (!m_passWord.empty())
        svn_auth_set_parameter(ab, SVN_AUTH_PARAM_DEFAULT_PASSWORD,

Looking into providers implementation,
subversion\libsvn_subr\simple_providers.c the methods there (e.g.
svn_auth__simple_first_creds_helper(..)) use the config_dir setting.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko
Received on 2011-05-17 16:50:58 CEST

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