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[PATCH] dav_svn__update_report - svn_repos_abort_report closes invalid tempfile handle

From: Chad Nouis <chad.nouis_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 18:06:09 -0400


My company uses Subversion via Apache on a Windows Server 2003 R2 machine:

Apache/2.2.17 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.2.17 OpenSSL/0.9.8o SVN/1.6.16 DAV/2
mod_perl/2.0.4-dev Perl/v5.10.1

We're using version 1.6.16 of the Windows binaries from alagazam.net.

Our Apache logs showed that our server was occasionally failing:

[Tue Apr 19 20:33:30 2011] [notice] Parent: child process exited with
status 128 -- Restarting.

To track down the source of the exiting child processes, we attached a
debugger to the Apache child process. Eventually, an exception

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)
ExceptionAddress: 7c8285f3 (ntdll!KiRaiseUserExceptionDispatcher+0x00000037)
  ExceptionCode: c0000008 (Invalid handle)
 ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 0

The debugger helpfully pointed to the stack trace of the suspect thread:

libapr_1!thread_mutex_cleanup+0x2c [.\locks\win32\thread_mutex.c @ 35]
libapr_1!apr_pool_cleanup_run+0x19 [.\memory\unix\apr_pools.c @ 2299]
libapr_1!apr_thread_mutex_destroy+0x14 [.\locks\win32\thread_mutex.c @ 133]
libapr_1!apr_file_close+0x2f [.\file_io\win32\open.c @ 501]
[C:\SVN\src-1.6.16\subversion\libsvn_subr\io.c @ 2694]
[C:\SVN\src-1.6.16\subversion\libsvn_repos\reporter.c @ 1343]
[C:\SVN\src-1.6.16\subversion\mod_dav_svn\reports\update.c @ 1495]
[C:\SVN\src-1.6.16\subversion\mod_dav_svn\version.c @ 953]
[C:\local0\asf\release\build-2.2.17\modules\dav\main\mod_dav.c @ 4066]
[C:\local0\asf\release\build-2.2.17\modules\dav\main\mod_dav.c @ 4701]
libhttpd!ap_run_handler+0x21 [.\server\config.c @ 158]
libhttpd!ap_invoke_handler+0xb0 [.\server\config.c @ 376]
libhttpd!ap_process_request+0x3e [.\modules\http\http_request.c @ 286]
libhttpd!ap_process_http_connection+0x4c [.\modules\http\http_core.c @ 190]
libhttpd!ap_run_process_connection+0x21 [.\server\connection.c @ 43]
libhttpd!ap_process_connection+0x33 [.\server\connection.c @ 190]
libhttpd!worker_main+0x9c [.\server\mpm\winnt\child.c @ 778]

In libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_abort_report, I see that it tried to close
a temporary file:

// line 1346 of libsvn_repos\reporter.c.
return svn_io_file_close(b->tempfile, pool);

Going up the call stack, I see how svn_repos_abort_report was called
in dav_svn__update_report:

// Line 1492 of mod_dav_svn\reports\update.c:
if (derr && rbaton)
   svn_error_clear(svn_repos_abort_report(rbaton, resource->pool));

Backtracing through dav_svn__update_report and considering when rbaton
could be non-null, I focused on the following call:

// Line 1379 of mod_dav_svn\reports\update.c:
serr = svn_repos_finish_report(rbaton, resource->pool);

Lo and behold, I noticed the following lines in svn_repos_finish_report:

// Line 1334 of libsvn_repos\reporter.c:
finish_err = finish_report(b, pool);
close_err = svn_io_file_close(b->tempfile, pool);

I suspect I have found the source of the invalid handle exception. The
handle to the tempfile pointed to by b->tempfile is being closed two
times. This only happens when the finish_report function returns any
kind of error.

To recap the code flow:

1. mod_dav_svn!dav_svn__update_report is called

2. mod_dav_svn!dav_svn__update_report calls

3. libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_finish_report calls libsvn_repos_1!finish_report

4. libsvn_repos_1!finish_report returns an error to

5. libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_finish_report calls
libsvn_subr_1!svn_io_file_close on a tempfile. The file successfully
closes and the handle to the tempfile is now invalid.

6. libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_finish_report returns an error to

7. mod_dav_svn!dav_svn__update_report jumps to the cleanup label.
Notice that the rbaton local variable wasnít set to null.

8. mod_dav_svn!dav_svn__update_report calls
libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_abort_report because rbaton are derr arenít
both null

9. libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_abort_report calls
libsvn_subr_1!svn_io_file_close on the same tempfile in step 5.

10. An invalid handle exception later occurs.

I see the problem was first noticed years ago on the mailing list
("When to call svn_repos_abort_report?"):


However, that thread discusses calls to svn_repos_abort_report from
functions other than dav_svn__update_report.

I believe setting rbaton to NULL immediately after the call to
libsvn_repos_1!svn_repos_finish_report would eliminate the invalid
handle exception. Iím not sure if this is the most elegant solution.
See the attached patch.

Fix invalid handle exception when temporary file is closed multiple times.


Chad Nouis
Trapeze Group / www.trapezegroup.com

Received on 2011-04-21 04:15:30 CEST

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