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Windows svnsync test suite failures and a clue

From: Paul Burba <ptburba_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 17:55:30 -0500

As some of you know I've recently had some strange failures with the
svnsync tests on both trunk and 1.6.x. All the tests started failing
during setup when the stdout of svnsync init was lost, e.g.:

C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x>run.python.test.DEBUG.bat svnsync 1 -v

C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x>set TESTNAME=svnsync

C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x>set CONFIG=Debug

C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x>if not exist Debug\subversion\tests\cmdline
mkdir Debug\subversion\tests\cmdline

C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x>pushd Debug\subversion\tests\cmdline

C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x\\subversion\tests\cmdline\svnsync_tests.py 1
CMD: svnadmin.exe create "svn-test-work\local_tmp\repos"
--bdb-txn-nosync <TIME = 0.049000>
CMD: svn.exe import -m "Log message for revision 1."
test-work/local_tmp/repos" --config-dir
--password rayjandom --no-auth-c
ache --username jrandom <TIME = 0.158000>
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\B
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\B\lambda
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\B\E
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\B\E\alpha
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\B\E\beta
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\B\F
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\mu
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\C
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\gamma
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\G
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\G\pi
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\G\rho
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\G\tau
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\H
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\H\chi
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\H\omega
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\A\D\H\psi
Adding svn-test-work\local_tmp\greekfiles\iota

Committed revision 1.
CMD: svnadmin.exe create "svn-test-work\repositories\svnsync_tests-1"
--bdb-txn-nosync <TIME = 0.096000>
CMD: svnadmin.exe load --force-uuid --quiet
"svn-test-work\repositories\svnsync_tests-1" <TIME = 0.168000>
CMD: svnadmin.exe create
"svn-test-work\repositories\svnsync_tests-1-1" --bdb-txn-nosync <TIME
= 0.134000>
CMD: svnlook.exe uuid "svn-test-work\repositories\svnsync_tests-1"
<TIME = 0.026000>
CMD: svnadmin.exe setuuid
6ad9f820-0205-0410-94a2-c8cf366bb2b3 <TIME = 0.048000>
CMD: svnsync.exe initialize
--username jrandom --password rayjandom --config-dir "C:\SVN\src-branc
<TIME = 0.314000>
EXCEPTION: SVNUnexpectedStdout: []
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\main.py",
line 1226, in run
    rc = self.pred.run(**kw)
  File "C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\testcase.py",
line 121, in run
    return self.func(sandbox)
  File "C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x\\subversion\tests\cmdline\svnsync_tests.py",
line 193, in copy_and_modify
    run_test(sbox, "copy-and-modify.dump")
  File "C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x\\subversion\tests\cmdline\svnsync_tests.py",
line 157, in run_test
    run_init(dest_sbox.repo_url, repo_url)
  File "C:\SVN\src-branch-1.6.x\\subversion\tests\cmdline\svnsync_tests.py",
line 100, in run_init
    raise SVNUnexpectedStdout(output)
SVNUnexpectedStdout: []
FAIL: svnsync_tests.py 1: copy and modify

When I first saw these failures on trunk a few weeks ago I didn't
think much of them, just figured they were due to some ongoing work.
Then the 1.6.x svnsync tests started failing. I had tested 1.6.13
recently without problem, so I built the 1.6.13 tag and sure enough it
now failed.

My first thought was a recently changed dependency, but I've been
using this setup for several months:

MS Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Intel Core i7 M 620 2.67GHz 4 GB RAM
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Version 9.0.30729.1 SP

APR: 1.4.2
APR-UTIL: 1.3.9
Neon: 0.29.3
zlib: 1.2.3
OpenSSL: 0.9.8m
Apache: 2.2.15
BDB: 4.8.30
sqlite: 3.7.2
Python: ActivePython
Perl: 5.10.1
Ruby: ruby 1.8.7
java: 1.6.0_21
junit: 4.8.2
swig: 1.3.40
serf: 0.3.0

The only thing that I can think of that *has* changed is that I
regularly run Windows Update.

After trying to figure what was wrong and hitting a dead end, I
restored my machine to the state it was in when I ran the 1.6.13
tests. I updated to the latest trunk and 1.6.x and everything worked
again. Until today. While testing some proposed backports to 1.6.x,
I started getting the svnsync test failures again.

Cue despair :-P

Then, on a lark, I tried to build 1.6.x with the --disable-shared
option. The tests passed. Because this problem seemed to come and go
I tired a clean rebuild with shared libs. It failed. 3 times I tried
shared/static libs, each time the static lib build passed, the shared
lib build failed.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Obviously I'm
using --disable-shared for the time being, but would like to figure
out what is happening here.


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