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1.7 performance on large working copies

From: Stefan Fuhrmann <stefanfuhrmann_at_alice-dsl.de>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2010 00:44:45 +0200

Hi all,
Now that the WC format is in its final state, I want
to throw in some of my measurements as well.

You are probably aware of most of the issues already,
for instance running 15 SQL parametrized queries per
node instead of 3 to 5 per folder. To beat the 0.13s
that st needs in 1.6 for the TSVN source (6800 nodes),
you would need to execute each statement in less than

But one would consider these numbers "fast enough".
Therefore, I ran some larger tests and the results
are as expected and not not all are bad:

(1) KDE trunk via svn://localhost 400,000 node wc
    on a very slow external USB disk (80GB EXT4).
    This is mostly uncached I/O.

    co 1.6.9 1.7
    real 26m9.422s 20m19.980s
    user 4m43.342s 6m18.024s
    sys 3m44.718s 5m28.981s

    disk[kB] 21,490,448 18,757,472

    real 1m2.887s 1m7.290s
    user 0m6.660s 0m37.126s
    sys 0m3.800s 0m20.649s

    real 2m41.151s 0m46.895s
    user 0m4.076s 0m25.266s
    sys 0m2.936s 0m10.885s

    So, the physical I/O gets reduced in 1.7 and the
    effect is clearly visible. Design goal reached.
    As a bonus, about 10% of disk space can be saved.

    But one also can see that CPU load is much higher
    (5+ times) and it will become an issue once I/O
    caching is in effect.

(2) KDE trunk core sources (trunk/KDE) via svn://localhost
    81,500 node wc on a RAM disk (tmpfs).

    co 1.6.9 1.7
    real 1m13.303s 1m55.934s
    user 0m42.559s 1m5.380s
    sys 0m30.618s 0m50.255s

    disk[kB] 1,986,816 1,789,364

    real 0m1.257s 0m11.563s
    user 0m0.872s 0m7.268s
    sys 0m0.364s 0m4.276s

    real 0m0.823s 0m7.435s
    user 0m0.560s 0m5.236s
    sys 0m0.268s 0m2.152s

    For cached wcs, I consistently get proportionally
    similar data showing SVN 1.7 to be 6 (small wcs)
    to 9 times (large wcs) slower than 1.6 - depending
    on the wc size (there seems to be a constant part
    just for opening a wc).

Personally, I care most about the second case since we
have quite large wcs at the office whose management
information can still be cached properly.

Just my EUR 0.02 ;)

-- Stefan^2.
Received on 2010-09-06 00:45:19 CEST

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