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Fwd: Building for Win32 - tests fail

From: David Darj <zid_at_alagazam.net>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 19:08:58 +0200


I now started building subversion 1.6.9 for Win32, starting from the
vc6-build.bat.in template.
Everything looks fine when building (after a very few tweaks) and
running the test using file:// and svn:// protocol looks good (for both
fsfs and bdb-backend).

But when running against http:// I get
   22 tests SKIPPED
   25 tests XFAILED
   74 tests FAILED (list below)
   1 tests XPASSED

Searching for some of them didn't give me any clues.

My environment:
WindowsXP MCE, fully updated (except IE7 and IE8) using WindowsUpdate.
Visual C++ 6 with SP 3
PlatformSDK February 2003 (latest for VC++6)
Python 2.6.5
Apache 2.2.15

Anybody got some ideas?


FAIL: basic_tests.py 42: basic relative url target using current dir
FAIL: basic_tests.py 43: basic relative url target using other targets
FAIL: commit_tests.py 39: set revision props during remote mkdir
FAIL: commit_tests.py 40: set revision props during remote delete
FAIL: commit_tests.py 41: set revision props during commit
FAIL: commit_tests.py 42: set revision props during import
FAIL: commit_tests.py 43: set revision props during repos-to-repos copy
FAIL: commit_tests.py 44: set revision props during wc-to-repos copy
FAIL: commit_tests.py 45: set revision props during repos-to-repos move
FAIL: commit_tests.py 46: set revision props during remote property edit
FAIL: commit_tests.py 47: set multiple revision props during remote mkdir
FAIL: commit_tests.py 48: set revprop without value ('') during remote
FAIL: commit_tests.py 49: set revprop without '=' during remote mkdir
FAIL: log_tests.py 5: 'svn log -r COMMITTED' of dynamic/local WC rev
FAIL: log_tests.py 19: test 'svn log -g' a path added before merge
FAIL: log_tests.py 24: test revprop retrieval
FAIL: merge_authz_tests.py 1: skipped paths get overriding mergeinfo
FAIL: stat_tests.py 17: status output in XML format
FAIL: stat_tests.py 21: status -v -N -u from different current directories
FAIL: stat_tests.py 24: run 'status -u' variations w/ incoming propchanges
FAIL: stat_tests.py 25: run 'status -uv' w/ incoming propchanges
FAIL: stat_tests.py 31: status with tree conflicts
FAIL: trans_tests.py 1: commit new files with keywords active from birth
FAIL: blame_tests.py 4: blame output in XML format
FAIL: blame_tests.py 6: blame targets with peg-revisions
FAIL: blame_tests.py 8: ignore whitespace when blaming
FAIL: blame_tests.py 9: ignore eol styles when blaming
FAIL: blame_tests.py 10: test 'svn blame -g'
FAIL: blame_tests.py 11: don't look for merged files out of range
FAIL: blame_tests.py 12: blame target not in HEAD with peg-revisions
FAIL: blame_tests.py 14: blame -g output with inserted lines
FAIL: lock_tests.py 1: lock a file and verify that it's locked
FAIL: lock_tests.py 2: commit a file and keep lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 3: commit a file and release lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 4: commit a locked file with a prop change
FAIL: lock_tests.py 5: lock a file and verify lock breaking behavior
FAIL: lock_tests.py 6: lock a file and verify lock stealing behavior
FAIL: lock_tests.py 7: examine the fields of a lockfile for correctness
FAIL: lock_tests.py 8: verify behavior when a lock in a wc is defunct
FAIL: lock_tests.py 10: verify svn:needs-lock behavior with defunct lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 11: verify lock removal on a deleted path
FAIL: lock_tests.py 12: lock and unlock some files
FAIL: lock_tests.py 13: verify removal of a directory with locks inside
FAIL: lock_tests.py 14: verify status of lock in working copy
FAIL: lock_tests.py 15: verify status of stolen lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 16: verify status of broken lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 18: lock an out-of-date file and ensure failure
FAIL: lock_tests.py 19: update handles svn:needs-lock correctly
FAIL: lock_tests.py 20: verify svn:needs-lock behavior with revert
FAIL: lock_tests.py 21: examine the fields of a lock from a URL
FAIL: lock_tests.py 22: lock/unlock several files in one go
FAIL: lock_tests.py 23: lock/unlock switched files
FAIL: lock_tests.py 24: lock and unlock a file with an URI-unsafe name
FAIL: lock_tests.py 27: commit file with xml-unsafe name and release lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 28: verify info path_at_X or path -rY return repos lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 29: (un)lock set of files, one already (un)locked
FAIL: lock_tests.py 30: show correct lock info on moved path
FAIL: lock_tests.py 31: ls locked path needing URL encoding
FAIL: lock_tests.py 33: verify recursive info shows lock info
FAIL: lock_tests.py 35: lock a file using a comment with xml special chars
FAIL: svnsync_tests.py 14: verify that unreadable content is not synced
FAIL: svnsync_tests.py 15: verify that copies from unreadable dirs work
FAIL: svnsync_tests.py 16: verify copies with mods from unreadable dirs
FAIL: svnsync_tests.py 17: verify copies with mods from unreadable dirs
FAIL: authz_tests.py 3: broken authz files cause errors
FAIL: authz_tests.py 4: test authz for read operations
FAIL: authz_tests.py 5: test authz for write operations
FAIL: authz_tests.py 6: test authz for checkout
FAIL: authz_tests.py 7: test authz for log and tracing path changes
FAIL: authz_tests.py 8: test authz for checkout and update
FAIL: authz_tests.py 9: test authz for export with unreadable subfolder
FAIL: authz_tests.py 10: test authz for aliases
FAIL: authz_tests.py 11: test the authz validation rules
FAIL: authz_tests.py 12: test authz for locking
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