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[PATCH v2] Use context_t in svn_wc_cleanup3

From: Daniel Näslund <daniel_at_longitudo.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:14:13 +0200

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 10:03:11AM -0500, Hyrum K. Wright wrote:
> > Index: subversion/include/svn_wc.h
> ===================================================================
> svn_error_t *
> +svn_wc_cleanup3(const char *abspath,
> We've been calling these "local_abspath" in general, to distinguish
> from a repos_abspath.

I've changed the names.

> + * @deprecated Provided for backward compability with the 1.2 API.
> Keep the @since tag here.


> You want to manually destroy the wc_ctx here, and use svn_error_return
> (see other examples in deprecated.c).

I wonder what I was thinking here? Something vague about the scrope of a
scratch_pool? Changed it anyway.

> Is cleanup_internal() fetching an absolute path internally? Can it be
> simplified now that we guarantee it's getting an absolute path?

There is no logic in update_internal for checking absolute paths.
> }
> Index: subversion/libsvn_client/cleanup.c
> ===================================================================
> Not a bit deal, but probably save this last bit for a separate patch.

I will do that.

A strange thing: After running make check I get 18 FAILS:s:

trunk> cat tests.log | grep ^FAIL
FAIL: depth_tests.py 32: make sure update handle svn_depth_exclude properly
FAIL: log_tests.py 18: test 'svn log -g' on a non-branching revision
FAIL: log_tests.py 19: test 'svn log -g' a path added before merge
FAIL: log_tests.py 20: test log -c for a single change
FAIL: log_tests.py 22: test log -c on comma-separated list of changes
FAIL: log_tests.py 23: svn log of two wc paths is disallowed
FAIL: log_tests.py 24: test revprop retrieval
FAIL: log_tests.py 25: log --xml escapes non-utf8 data (issue #2866)
FAIL: log_tests.py 26: 'svn log -g target_with_bogus_mergeinfo'
FAIL: log_tests.py 27: log -g and explicit mergeinfo replacing inherited
FAIL: log_tests.py 28: log -g and simple propmod to merge-inheriting path
FAIL: merge_tests.py 1: performing a merge, with mixed results
FAIL: merge_tests.py 2: merge and add new files/dirs with history
FAIL: merge_tests.py 3: merge that deletes items
FAIL: merge_tests.py 4: some simple property merges
FAIL: merge_tests.py 5: merging a file w/no explicit target path using -r
FAIL: switch_tests.py 18: switch shouldn't allow changing repos root
FAIL: switch_tests.py 21: forced switch detects tree conflicts

But when running ./log_tests.py and ./merge_tests.py I get no FAIL:s.
How can that be? Does this mean that those are failing or not?

But theese three tests still fail, both on trunk and with my patch
depth_tests.py 23: mkae sure update handle svn_depth_exclude properly
swithch_tests.py 18
switch_tests.py 21

Can someone confirm that depth_tests.py 23 is failing on trunk? I assume
that the two switch_tests haven't been fixed since yesterday.

Assuming that the patch is ok, what could be a good next step? Could any
of theese work or do you have better suggestions from the top of your

Theese are called in svn_wc_cleanup3:
* subversion/libsvn_wc/log.c
  (cleanup_internal): Uses adm_access_t. Should those be changed?
  (run_existing_logs): Uses adm_access_t.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/lock.c
  (svn_wc__adm_steal_write_lock): Uses adm_access_t

The next untouched function in the file:
* subversion/include/svn_wc.h
  (svn_wc_revert3): This feels heavy. Uses adm_access_t


Received on 2009-08-14 11:14:35 CEST

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