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need help:"svn: OPTIONS of 'http://*.*.*.*/svn/trunk/makefile.mk': could not connect to server (http://*.*.*.*/)"

From: haiqing <chengj929_at_163.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 09:34:52 +0800

HELLO, all:
Recently,I compiled svn1.6.3 In linux(RedFlag 5) platform,and do a little change . when ,run ,it fails.
and report "svn: OPTIONS of 'http://*.*.*.*/svn/trunk/makefile.mk': could not connect to server (http://*.*.*.*/)" .
Can anybody help me?

My Environment is:
apr-1.3.6,apr-util-1.3.8,neon-0.28.5,svn-1.6.3 ,sqlite-amalgamation-3.6.11.
directories structure:

steps as:
1:cd ./svn/apr; ./buildconf;./configure
2:cd ./svn/apr-util;./buildconf --with-apr=../apr;./configure --with-apr=../apr
3:cd ./svn/neon/;./autogen.sh;./configure;
3:cd ./svn; ./autogen.sh;./configure;
4:change svn-code(just want to export the same file 2500 times. ),and run "make;make install";
5:test the change,run "svn export http://*.*.*.*/svn/trunk/makefile.mk"

when exported about 1010-1020 times, then fail,
it reports : "svn: OPTIONS of 'http://*.*.*.*/trunk/makefile.mk: could not connect to server (http://*.*.*.*/)"
I have tested it in diffrent machines,and all fail when exported about 1010-1020 times.I could not find why,

Can anyone help me?
Thankyou very much!

code change as:
in ./svn/subversion/svn/export-cmd.c,Modified the function svn_cl__export as the red Statements,
(just want to export the same file 2500 times. )

svn_error_t *
svn_cl__export(apr_getopt_t *os,
               void *baton,
               apr_pool_t *pool)
  svn_cl__opt_state_t *opt_state = ((svn_cl__cmd_baton_t *) baton)->opt_state;
  svn_client_ctx_t *ctx = ((svn_cl__cmd_baton_t *) baton)->ctx;
  const char *from, *to;
  apr_array_header_t *targets;
  svn_error_t *err;
  svn_opt_revision_t peg_revision;
  const char *truefrom;
  long int i = 0;
  SVN_ERR(svn_cl__args_to_target_array_print_reserved(&targets, os,
                                                      ctx, pool));

  /* We want exactly 1 or 2 targets for this subcommand. */
  if (targets->nelts < 1)
    return svn_error_create(SVN_ERR_CL_INSUFFICIENT_ARGS, 0, NULL);
  if (targets->nelts > 2)
    return svn_error_create(SVN_ERR_CL_ARG_PARSING_ERROR, 0, NULL);

  /* The first target is the `from' path. */
  from = APR_ARRAY_IDX(targets, 0, const char *);

  /* Get the peg revision if present. */
  SVN_ERR(svn_opt_parse_path(&peg_revision, &truefrom, from, pool));

  /* If only one target was given, split off the basename to use as
     the `to' path. Else, a `to' path was supplied. */
  if (targets->nelts == 1)
    to = svn_path_uri_decode(svn_path_basename(truefrom, pool), pool);
    to = APR_ARRAY_IDX(targets, 1, const char *);

  if (! opt_state->quiet)
    svn_cl__get_notifier(&ctx->notify_func2, &ctx->notify_baton2, FALSE, TRUE,
                         FALSE, pool);

  if (opt_state->depth == svn_depth_unknown)
    opt_state->depth = svn_depth_infinity;
for (i = 0; i < 2500; i++) {
  /* Do the export. */
  err = svn_client_export4(NULL, truefrom, to, &peg_revision,
                           opt_state->force, opt_state->ignore_externals,
                           opt_state->native_eol, ctx,
  if (err && err->apr_err == SVN_ERR_WC_OBSTRUCTED_UPDATE && !opt_state->force)
              _("Destination directory exists; please remove "
                "the directory or use --force to overwrite"));
  printf("\n%ld\n", i);
  return err;

Best Wishes!

Received on 2009-08-03 17:16:29 CEST

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