Svn Obliterate - Contract Proposal

Table of Contents

Open Questions 1

Overview of the Proposed Development 1

Development plan (outline) 1

Starting Point 1

Tasks included 1

Time Estimates 1

Responsibility 1

Tasks in Detail 1

Task 1: Req spec 1

Task 2: Outline designs 1

Task 3: Choose a design 1

Task 4: Detailed design 1

Task 5: Implementation & testing 1

Task 6: Integration into Subversion 1

Time scales & recourse if not met 1

Terms 1

Type of employment in legal terms 1

Costing scheme 1

Expenses 1

Billing 1

Rights to sub-contract, etc. 1

Intellectual property rights 1

About the Contractor 1

Contact details 1

Qualifications & experience 1

Open Questions

Overview of the Proposed Development

The purpose of the proposed development is to give the facility to remove selected parts of history from a Subversion repository. This facility is known as the “Obliterate” feature.

Development plan (outline)

Starting Point

Tasks included

    1. Req spec

    2. Outline designs

    3. Choose a design

    4. Detailed design

    5. Implementation & testing

    6. Integration into Subversion

Time Estimates

Time and effort estimates.


Who is responsible for each activity?

Tasks in Detail

For each:

Task 1: Req spec

Work required:

Task 2: Outline designs

Work required:

Task 3: Choose a design

Work required:

Task 4: Detailed design

Work required:

Task 5: Implementation & testing

Work required:

Task 6: Integration into Subversion

Work required:

Time scales & recourse if not met

Time scales & recourse if not met, for:


Type of employment in legal terms

Costing scheme

Based on estimated effort for each major task.

With an estimated completion date, and a bonus if early?


If the contractor needs to incur expenses in order to fulfil the contract, the expenses shall be billed at cost.

Some expenses that may be required are: travel, lodging and entrance fees for attending conferences or meetings; hardware and software for system-specific testing.


(when, how, to whom)

Rights to sub-contract, etc.

The contractor may sub-contract, use the work of volunteers, and use existing free software, to any extent. If, during the development, the contractor finds reason to believe that a large portion of the development is going to be done by volunteers, then the remainder of the contract may be re-negotiated.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property resulting from this development shall be assigned to the Subversion Corporation.

About the Contractor

Contact details

Name: Julian Foad

Email: <>

Qualifications & experience

Subversion committer on core C code for 5 years as a volunteer, 11 months as an employee of CollabNet.

See my CV for further details: <...>