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issue database sorting order

From: Edmund Wong <ed_at_kdtc.net>
Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 16:03:47 +0800


I realize I've asked this before and I'm really hesitant in
mentioning it again at the risk of being an annoyance; but, I'm still
getting an improperly sorted ordered comma-delimited list from
the buglist database.

I've deleted all my subversion-related cookies and have cleared my
cache. I'm using Seamonkey 1.1.16 and I've used Firefox 2.x.
Using both browsers (Under Windows and Linux), I seem to be
getting a really weird sorting order of the bug list (comma-
delimited and tab-delimited --both using Issue # as the
sort 'key').

This is part of the list that I get:

630,ENHANCEMENT,P3,All,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,svn_ra_get_file needs to
handle base text case
599,FEATURE,P3,PC,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,Need a feature like CVS's
vendor branches
571,ENHANCEMENT,P5,PC,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,svn update/merge: D+A
should say R
563,ENHANCEMENT,P3,All,sussman,NEW,,'svn up' should allow nonconflicting
tree merges.
525,FEATURE,P4,Other,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,allow working copies without
516,FEATURE,P2,Other,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,svn obliterate
511,FEATURE,P3,All,issues_at_subversion,STARTED,,svn patch
510,TASK,P4,All,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,"invert txdelta interface
(""change #6"")"
503,ENHANCEMENT,P3,Other,sussman,STARTED,,update should make use of
incoming 'copyfrom' args
418,TASK,P5,PC,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,Class Action Suit: SVN Users v.
FS merge()
409,DEFECT,P4,PC,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,writer locking currently suboptimal
667,DEFECT,P2,Macintosh,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,handle file name case
sensitivity edge cases
669,FEATURE,P5,All,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,Filesystem could
programmatically estimate its locking needs
696,DEFECT,P4,All,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,get_wc_prop callback is
restricted to commit items
707,FEATURE,P5,All,fitz,NEW,,"Need support for opaque
collections/""document bundles"" in working copies"
756,ENHANCEMENT,P3,All,issues_at_subversion,REOPENED,,"Make ""svn cp A B;
svn mv B C"" work, and be equal to ""svn cp A C"""
746,TASK,P4,Other,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,audit mod_dav_svn's use of
749,DEFECT,P2,All,issues_at_subversion,NEW,,libsvn_wc loggy operations
should be revamped

I've done a bit of testing and have come across an interesting
'defect'. Aside for changing the issue types (and the sort order),
the other fields are left as default.

1) Selecting 1 out of the 5 issue types produces a properly sorted

2) Selecting 2 out of the 5 issue types produces a properly sorted
    list PROVIDED that none of the selected types is a DEFECT. Otherwise
    the list is not sorted properly.

3) Selecting 3 out of the 5 issue types produces a properly sorted
    list (again) PROVIDED that none of the selected types is a DEFECT.
    Otherwise the list is not sorted properly.

4) Selecting 4 out of the 5 issue types produces a properly sorted
    list...(provision as given above)

5) Selecting all produces an improperly sorted list.

I'm lead to believe that including DEFECT in the issue type selection
produces an improperly sorted order with the exception of single
issue type selections (IOW, selecting only one issue type).

Can someone confirm this?



Received on 2009-05-05 10:07:06 CEST

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