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[PATCH] fix for issue 3404 (svnsync 1.6 fails on ^M)

From: B. Smith-Mannschott <bsmith.occs_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 22:30:45 +0200


Fix issue 3404: svnsync fails when source has ^M in svn:* properties (eol style)

svnsync subcommands sync and copy-revprops have been taught how to do
eol-style normalization of revision and node properties which

Normalization will always be performed for a target repository
initialized with --fix-svn-prop-eol-style. Alternatively this option
is also understood by the sync and copy-revprops subcommands to mean
perform eol-normalization just for the current execution.

* subversion/include/svn_props.h

* subversion/libsvn_subr/properties.c

* subversion/svnsync/main.c
  (svn_subst.h, svn_string.h): #include
  (svnsync_opt_fix_svn_prop_eol_style): new enum value. Represents the option
   --fix-svn-prop-eol-style on subcommands init, sync and copy-revprops.
  (svnsync_cmd_table): svnsync_opt_fix_svn_prop_eol_style added to entries for
   init, sync and copy-revprops.
  (svnsync_options): added svnsync_opt_fix_svn_prop_eol_style.
  (opt_baton_t): new fix_svn_prop_eol_style, records presence of option.
  (subcommand_baton_t): new fix_svn_prop_eol_style, meaning subcommand should
   perform eol-style normalization on svn:* properties as appropriate.
  (normalize_svn_string_eol_style): new, eol normalization for 1 svn_string_t.
  (normalize_revprop_eol_style): new, eol normalization for a revprop hash.
  (copy_revprops): new argument fix_svn_prop_eol_style which causes eol-style
   normalization to be done during revprop copying.
  (make_subcommand_baton): copy fix_svn_prop_eol_style form opt_baton.
  (do_initialize): record presence of --fix-svn-prop-eol-style as property
   svn:sync-fix-svn-prop-eol-style of revision zero of target. Also
   optionally perform eol-style normalization on revprops copied from source
  (edit_baton_t): new fix_svn_prop_eol_style, which determines if the edit
   drive should do eol-style normalization on svn:* properties.
  (change_file_prop, change_dir_prop): may perform eol-style normalization.
  (get_sync_editor): new argument fix_svn_prop_eol_style, which serves to
   get this flag from the subcommand_baton into the edit_baton with some help
   form replay_rev_started.
  (replay_rev_started): may perform normalization of copied revprops.
   Provides fix_svn_prop_eol_style for sync_baton (an edit_baton_t).
  (replay_rev_finished): may perform normalization of copied revprops.
  (do_synchronize): may perform normalization of copied revrops while
   cleaning up form a previous call that didn't run to completion.
  (synchronize_cmd, copy_revprops_cmd): sets fix_svn_prop_eol_style on the
   subcommand_baton when init has left the corresponding property behind in
   revision zero.
  (do_copy_revprops): may perform normalization of copied revprops.
  (info_cmd): one line of ourput generated iff svn:sync-fix-svn-prop-eol-style
   is present in revision zero.
  (main): handle svnsync_opt_fix_svn_prop_eol_style, set flag in opt_baton.

* Naming

I've deliberately kept "fix svn prop eol style" consistent everywhere
it appears (option name, #defines, struct fields, function arguments).

In an earlier version of this patch I had been using the name
normalize-subversion-property-eol-style, but found it was too long
both as an option name and in code.

After some deliberation, I settled on fix_svn_prop_eol_style.
"Normalize" tells us a little more than "fix", but sufficiently so to
justify its length. The remaining parts of the name are all
abbreviations that are already established in Subversion, so I don't
feel using them impedes readablility.

* apr_hash_set usage

Please have a look at what I'm doing in normalize_revprop_eol_style.
Is apr_hash_set gonig to be cool with that?

* Code readability

I was pleasantly surprised by the readability of the parts of
Subversion's code I read while developing this patch. The comments
are plentiful and generally useful.

Before embarking on this, I'd never used GNU coding style in anger and
have considered endline layout quirky (at best) since reading the
first edition of Code Complete. Luckily though Emacs makes endline
layout easy to maintain and I found it aided readability particularly
in light of Subversions penchant for long argument lists.

I've tried to code in a way consistent with what I found.

* Testing

I have not yet had the time to grok Subversion's test, but I'm
attaching a dump file and a small bash script which at least
demonstrate (think "smoke test") that the code works (for me!).

// Ben


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