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Re: (Re)Introduction (was: svn commit: r32461 - trunk/notes)

From: David Glasser <glasser_at_davidglasser.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 17:47:55 -0700

This is great to hear! And I see you're diving right in.

Earlier this year I made a lot of noise about doing the same thing. I
started on a prototype for my design (in Python). Unfortunately, I
ended up heading down the path of yak shaving, and at some point got
distracted into spending a lot of time open-sourcing a testing library
I was using for it. And since the testing library wasn't open at
first, I wasn't even working on the prototype in public. And now I no
longer work on svn as my main paying job, and I haven't found myself
feeling compelled to spend much time on software outside of work this

I'll dump my prototype somewhere soon, but I suspect at this stage it
won't be that helpful to anyone. Whoops.

Greg, if you'd like to meet up in SF some point soon and chat about
your design, I'd be interested; even though my prototype didn't get
very far and I don't see myself spending much time on this myself, I
spent a lot of time this year thinking about this issue and about the
problems with various paths to solving it.


On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 3:12 AM, Greg Stein <gstein_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all... as you may have guessed from my commit below, I'm starting
> on the long-needed WC rewrite. Some of you may not know who I am,
> since I've been away from svn development for so long :-(
> I was one of the initial developers of svn, way back in mid-2000. My
> work focused on the DAV network layer, both client and server. I did a
> bunch of work on other parts of svn, of course, but that was my
> primary focus. Oh, and getting that f***kin' automake out of our build
> and creating the current build system. I guess I'd say that I
> contributed to svn development for maybe the first three years of its
> life. Then my time kind of petered off, unfortunately.
> I've recently come into a bunch of free time (woo!), and will work on
> the next generation WC until the sucker is done. Not sure whether that
> will be 3 months or 6, but no problem.
> Other things that I'm interested in:
> * stripping out Neon support, and just using serf going forward
> * any serf work to support the above (particularly issues with
> googlecode.com's svn server)
> * create a new FS backend based on revlog
> * offline commits
> That should keep me busy for the next year, I think :-)
> Cheers,
> -g
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 1:42 PM, <gstein_at_tigris.org> wrote:
>> Author: gstein
>> Date: Wed Aug 13 13:42:30 2008
>> New Revision: 32461
>> Log:
>> add some thoughts/notes
>> Modified:
>> trunk/notes/wc-ng-design
>> Modified: trunk/notes/wc-ng-design
>> URL: http://svn.collab.net/viewvc/svn/trunk/notes/wc-ng-design?pathrev=32461&r1=32460&r2=32461
>> ==============================================================================
>> --- trunk/notes/wc-ng-design Wed Aug 13 13:30:12 2008 (r32460)
>> +++ trunk/notes/wc-ng-design Wed Aug 13 13:42:30 2008 (r32461)
>> @@ -260,6 +260,14 @@ then, if these routines are passed file
>> happy, meaning they still don't need to know where the text base /
>> source file is...]
>> +###GJS: the APIs should use streams so that we can decompress as the
>> + stream is being read. the diff library will need a callback of some
>> + kind to perform the rewind, which will effectively just close and
>> + reopen the stream. if it rewinds *multiple* times, then we may want
>> + to cache the decompressed version of the file. I'll
>> + investigate. Given our metadata/base-text storage system, I suspect
>> + it will be very easy to cache decompressed copies for a while.
>> +
>> In order to keep developers sane, it should be extremely clear at any
>> one time - when operating on a tree - which tree is being operated upon.
>> @@ -270,6 +278,7 @@ solely that specific task.
>> #####XBC Do please note that this suggests yet another instance of
>> pure polymorphism coded in C. This runs contrary to the
>> developer sanity requirement.
>> +###GJS: agreed with XBC.
>> Speed
>> @@ -283,6 +292,10 @@ the ACTUAL state (concentrated in one pl
>> it around as long as required, matching it with the WORKING state before
>> operating on either (not only when deemed important!).
>> +###GJS: working copy file counts are unbounded, so we need to be
>> + careful about keeping "all" stat results in memory. I'll certainly
>> + keep this in mind, however.
>> +
>> Working from the ACTUAL tree will also prove to be a step toward clarity
>> regarding the exact tree which is being operated upon.
>> @@ -306,8 +319,12 @@ There are 3 known models for storing met
>> groups of users:
>> - in-subtree metadata storage (.svn subdir model, as in wc-1.0)
>> + ###GJS: euh... aren't we axing this? who has *requested* this?
>> - in-'tree root' metadata storage (working copy central)
>> - detached metadata storage (user-central)
>> + - in $HOME/.subversion/
>> + - in arbitrary location (e.g. $HOME is a (slow) NFS mount, and we
>> + want the metadata on a local drive, such as /var/...)
>> A solution to implementing each of these behaviours in order to satisfy
>> the wide range of use-cases they solve, would be to define a module
>> @@ -318,6 +335,31 @@ post-1.0 experiences with public vtables
>> implementation details are allowed to differ between releases (even patch
>> releases).
>> +###GJS: note that we are talking about both metadata AND base-text
>> + content. (and yeah, optional and compresses base-texts can be done
>> + during this rewrite) Also note that we might be able to share
>> + base-text content across working copies if they are all keyed by
>> + the MD5 hash into storage directories (under the user-central model)
>> +
>> +###GJS: I don't think vtables are needed here. This is simply altering
>> + the base location, not a whole new implementation. My plan is to
>> + default to the "tree root" model with a .svn subdirectory. If a
>> + .svn subdir is not found, then we fall back to looking in the
>> + $HOME/.subversion/ directory (some subdir under there). If we
>> + *still* don't find it, then some config options will point us to
>> + the metadata/base-text location.
>> +
>> +###GJS: my plan is to upgrade the working copy if we find a pre-1.6
>> + working copy. all the data will be lifted from the multiple .svn
>> + subdirectories, and relocated to the "proper" storage location.
>> + This will be a non-reversable upgrade, and will preclude pre-1.6
>> + clients from using that working copy again.
>> + Note: because of the "destructive" nature of this upgrade, and the
>> + expected duration, we may want to require the user to perform an
>> + explicit action in order to complete the upgrade. However, 1.6 will
>> + not be able to *modify* wc-1.0 metadata -- just read it in order to
>> + upgrade it to the new storage system.
>> +
>> Transaction duration / memory management
>> ----------------------------------------
>> @@ -350,6 +392,10 @@ as well as developer sanity: in the earl
>> ment process, we'll be able to assess how well the design holds up
>> under more difficult 'weather'.
>> +###GJS: agreed. as much as possible, when I (re)implement the old APIs
>> + in terms of the new APIs, then I'll write a whitebox test. we'll
>> + see how long I keep that up :-P
>> +
>> Transactional updates
>> ---------------------
>> @@ -493,6 +539,10 @@ Given the assumption of 'little code dup
>> having several modules which implement the same API (vtable) is
>> justifiable.
>> +###GJS: disagree. I plan to have just one library (libsvn_wc2?) and
>> + will probably have no vtables. there is very little need for
>> + distinct implementations, as far as I can tell.
>> +
>> Implementation proposals
>> ========================
>> @@ -564,6 +614,21 @@ goal of 'atomic updates' can be realised
>> in an incomplete yet locked state. This would also invalidate issue #1879.
>> +Basic Storage Mechanics
>> +-----------------------
>> +
>> +All metadata will be stored into a single SQLite database. This
>> +includes all of the "entry" fields *and* all of the properties
>> +attached to the files/directories. SQLite transactions will be used
>> +rather than the "loggy" mechanics of wc-1.0.
>> +
>> +Base text data will be stored in a multi-level directory structure,
>> +keyed/named by the MD5 of the file. The database will record
>> +appropriate mappings, content/compression types, and refcounts for the
>> +base text files (for the shared case).
>> +
>> +
>> +
>> Other sections
>> ---------------
>> +==============
>> remain to be done
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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