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Re: Re: [PATCH] Warn when attempting to reverse merge range from target's future history

From: Paul Burba <ptburba_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:38:15 -0500

On Feb 19, 2008 1:21 PM, Kamesh Jayachandran <kamesh_at_collab.net> wrote:
> >> Comment2:
> >>
> >> Why should we use 'svn_client__repos_locations' to get the URL of
> >> ulr1_at_revision1 at entry->revision? Is it needed?
> >Keep in mind that this warning is only intended to show up when the
> >merge target described by entry->revision is on the *same* line of
> >history as URL1_at_REVISION1 (due to merge source normalization we
> >already know that URL2_at_REVISION2 is on the same line of history as
> >URL1_at_REVISION1). So the call to svn_client__repos_locations() is
> >needed to answer the question of whether or not we are merging from a
> >target's future history. If we are not, then there shouldn't be a
> >warning...
> >...or are you suggesting that we should warn even when merging from an
> >unrelated source?
> No.
> IIUC we do merges on each location segments separately. I am having a
> tough time to visualize the case when this patch would be exercised with
> url1_at_entry->revision being different from entry->url.

url1_at_entry->revision could be from an entirely different line of
history than the WC path represented by entry and hence different from

For example, starting with a vanilla greek tree, make a directory
identical but unrelated to 'A':

>svn export merge_tests-87\A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A
Export complete.

>svn add merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E\alpha
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E\beta
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\F
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\lambda
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\C
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\pi
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\rho
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\tau
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\gamma
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\chi
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\omega
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\psi
A merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\mu

>svn ci -m "" merge_tests-87
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E\alpha
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E\beta
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\F
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\lambda
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\C
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\pi
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\rho
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\tau
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\chi
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\omega
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\psi
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\gamma
Adding merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\mu
Transmitting file data ...........
Committed revision 2.

Update everything to r2"

>svn up merge_tests-87
At revision 2.

Make a change on under 'A' om r3 and the same change under 'UNRELATED_A' in r4:

>echo new content > merge_tests-87\A\mu

>svn ci -m "" merge_tests-87
Sending merge_tests-87\A\mu
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 3.

>echo new content > merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\mu

>svn ci -m "" merge_tests-87
Sending merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\mu
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 4.

>svn st merge_tests-87 -v
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\B
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\B\lambda
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\B\E
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\B\E\alpha
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\B\E\beta
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\B\F
                3 3 pburba merge_tests-87\A\mu
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\C
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\gamma
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\G
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\G\pi
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\G\rho
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\G\tau
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\H
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\H\chi
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\H\omega
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\A\D\H\psi
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\lambda
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E\alpha
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\E\beta
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\B\F
                4 4 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\mu
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\C
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\gamma
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\pi
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\rho
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\G\tau
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\chi
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\omega
                2 2 pburba merge_tests-87\UNRELATED_A\D\H\psi
                2 1 jrandom merge_tests-87\iota

Now reverse merge r4 from 'UNRELATED_A' back to 'A':
>svn merge %url%/UNRELATED_A merge_tests-87\A -c-4


This is a no-op, a reverse merge, and the merge target 'A's working
revision 2 is less than or equal to REVISION2, all the criteria for
this patch to be "excercised" and svn_client__repos_locations() to be
called (if I'm understanding correctly what you mean by "excercised"):

if (((*remaining_ranges)->nelts == 0)
    && (revision2 < revision1)
    && (entry->revision <= revision2))
    err = svn_client__repos_locations(&start_url, &start_revision,
                                      NULL, NULL, ra_session, url1,
                                      &pegrev, &requested,
                                      &unspec, ctx, pool);

In the above example we now have a case where url1_at_entry->revision is
different from entry->url, specifically:

url1: file:///C:/SVN/src-branch/Release/subversion/tests/cmdline/svn-test-work/repositories/merge_tests-87/UNRELATED_A

entry->revision: 2


entry->url: file:///C:/SVN/src-branch/Release/subversion/tests/cmdline/svn-test-work/repositories/merge_tests-87/A

We don't want to give the warning "Cannot reverse merge a range from a
path's own future history; try updating first" because the range is
not from the merge target's future (or past) history and updating
still won't help here. FWIW, all that will help is using

Does that answer your question?


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