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Re: Remaining issues in ra_serf-auth branch

From: Lieven Govaerts <lgo_at_mobsol.be>
Date: 2007-08-26 09:14:09 CEST

Lieven Govaerts wrote:
> ..
> I brought the ra_serf-auth branch up to date with trunk and I'm testing
> right now on my pc. I'm running the full testsuite but with sspi
> enabled, so instead of using jrandom svn uses my local account. When the
> tests are finished I'll send the list of failures to the dev list, I
> don't expect to many.
These are the results of running the tests with the ra_serf-auth branch,
2 serf patches and one local patch included:
FAIL: commit_tests.py 49: start-commit hook failure case testing
FAIL: commit_tests.py 50: pre-commit hook failure case testing
FAIL: update_tests.py 28: handle eol-style propchange during update
FAIL: switch_tests.py 11: non-recursive switch
FAIL: prop_tests.py 12: set, get, and delete a revprop change
FAIL: copy_tests.py 11: working-copy to repository copy
FAIL: diff_tests.py 32: repos-wc diff showing added entries with props
FAIL: merge_tests.py 13: 3-way merge of 'file add' into existing binary
FAIL: merge_tests.py 21: merge --dry-run adding a new file with props
FAIL: merge_tests.py 24: merge changes to keyword expansion property
FAIL: merge_tests.py 41: handle eol-style propchange during merge
FAIL: merge_tests.py 48: merge works when target has copied children
FAIL: merge_tests.py 57: skipped paths get overriding mergeinfo
FAIL: stat_tests.py 17: status output in XML format
FAIL: stat_tests.py 21: status -v -N -u from different current directories
FAIL: stat_tests.py 24: run 'status -u' variations w/ incoming propchanges
FAIL: stat_tests.py 25: run 'status -uv' w/ incoming propchanges
FAIL: trans_tests.py 1: commit new files with keywords active from birth
FAIL: trans_tests.py 4: keyword expansion for lone file in directory
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 8: import: config=yes, commandline=none
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 9: import: config=no, commandline=yes
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 10: import: config=yes, commandline=yes
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 14: import directory
FAIL: blame_tests.py 4: blame output in XML format
FAIL: blame_tests.py 6: blame targets with peg-revisions
FAIL: blame_tests.py 8: ignore whitespace when blaming
FAIL: blame_tests.py 9: ignore eol styles when blaming
FAIL: blame_tests.py 12: blame target not in HEAD with peg-revisions
FAIL: lock_tests.py 7: examine the fields of a lockfile for correctness
FAIL: lock_tests.py 21: examine the fields of a lock from a URL
FAIL: lock_tests.py 29: (un)lock set of files, one already (un)locked
FAIL: lock_tests.py 31: ls locked path needing URL encoding
FAIL: lock_tests.py 33: verify recursive info shows lock info
FAIL: lock_tests.py 34: unlock file locked by other user
FAIL: authz_tests.py 1: authz issue #2486 - open root
FAIL: authz_tests.py 4: test authz for read operations
FAIL: authz_tests.py 10: test authz for aliases
FAIL: authz_tests.py 12: test authz for locking
FAIL: depth_tests.py 16: gradually update an empty wc to depth=infinity

That the authz tests are failing is probably normal, as I run the tests
on my own local account instead of user jrandom, and I don't have the
equivalent of switching to user jconstant.

I'll go over these tests one by one and fix them, if anyone is
interested in the debug log of these tests please let me know.


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