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Re: Subversion Win32 Installer RC

From: Greg Jewell <greg17_at_jewell.net>
Date: 2007-02-26 05:10:27 CET
In my opinion, this is not an issue that should hold up the release.  This behavior is consistent with that of previous installers, so shouldn't cause additional difficulties for people.  (It's probably a fringe case where somebody installs a new instance of Subversion to a directory different from that of the original installation.)  Besides, if the user is savvy enough to configure httpd.conf for their particular repository, I'm sure they will be able to figure out how to fix this problem should it occur.

Greg Jewell

Troy Simpson wrote:
If this is going to be a major issue I will hold off putting the installer
online.  I did not personally change anything to do with apache files so I
will need to look at what happened between 1.4.2 and 1.4.3.  Since I don't
use apache I will have to set it up and learn how to integrate subversion
before I can fix a release.  If this is a pre-existing issue then maybe we
can let it go for 1.4.3 and try to address it before the next release?  I
have had no feedback of any other problems.  Thoughts?



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From: Greg Jewell [mailto:greg17@jewell.net] 
Sent: Friday, 16 February 2007 9:44 AM
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Subject: RE: Subversion Win32 Installer RC


I'm a longtime lurker on this list.  Thanks everybody here for their great

I tried the new installer, and saw different behavior.  I am running Apache
httpd 2.0.59.  First of all, I stopped Apache and ran the un-installer for
Subversion 1.4.2.  Once this process completed, I ran the installer for
1.4.3.  During the installation process, I was never prompted for the
location of the Apache installation.  (I assume you are guessing at the
proper location, and prompting if you don't find it.)

Like Peter, the apache modules were not installed to the Apache directory
tree.  However, the httpd.conf file was pointed to the modules in the
Subversion directory.

Incidentally, I did not modify the httpd.conf file after I uninstalled
1.4.2.  After the installation of 1.4.3, however, I had two entries for each
of the Subversion modules.  Can this behavior be changed?  I believe that
removing (or commenting) the old entries and adding the new ones would be
fine, but perhaps prompting the user for direction would be safer.

Greg Jewell

 > Hello Peter,
 > Can you please take a look at the win32 notes (attached) and see if the
apache issues apply to you? @Dev Group: Can anyone else verify if they can
get a successful apache install? Thanks.
 > Troy
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 > From: Peter McNab [mailto:mcnabp@optushome.com.au]  > Sent: Friday, 16
February 2007 7:45 AM  > To: troy@ebswift.com  > Subject: Re: Subversion
Win32 Installer RC  >  > Troy Simpson wrote:
 > > Hello all,
 > >
 > > Appologies for the lateness but the Subversion release also coincided
with another release I was working with. I have an installer build  > >
that you can try here:
 > >
 > > http://www.ebswift.com/subversion/svn-1.4.3-setup.zip
 > >
 > > Please test this installer; and please do not make this download  > >
address public.
 > Hi Troy.
 > UnZips OK.
 > Applied to an XP box running Apache 2.0.54. (several times).
 > Left the checkbox ticked: "Install and configure Subversion modules ..."
 > Given that the installer asks for the path to Apache's conf folder and
does  > a stop/start on the service I was half expecting to see the 1.4.3
modules  > mod_dav_svn.so and mod_authz_svn.so installed in Apaches's
modules folder.
 > However the previously installed modules were still present.
 > Copied the above files across manually and after adding
"SVNListParentPath  > on" to httpd.conf in the appropriate place and a
restart its possible to  > browse into multiple repos.
 > Apache is on the D:\ drive in this machine.
 > Peter

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