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lock request returns "405 Method Not Allowed"

From: Backup e-mail <bckemail_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 2007-02-22 09:54:23 CET

[Posted yesterday on the USERS mailing list]
  I've installed a subversion server from 1.4.3 sources on Fedora Core 3 (2.6.12-1.1381_FC3)
All svn commands are executed correctly except for LOCK.
Issuing a LOCK request on a source file always reports "405 Method not Allowed".
Inveswtigation with strace reveals that the .svn/log file on the working directory
does not exist (should it?). Creating it by hand does not resolve the issue.
  The working directory has been created as a result of a CHECKOUT request.
All files in the repository have been chown to apache:apache after creating it with the SVNADMIN command.
The subversion.conf file as well as other information follows.
I do not know what else to look at for ideas.
Your help is very much appreciated.
--------- subversion.conf --------------------------------------
LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_svn.so
LoadModule authz_svn_module modules/mod_authz_svn.so
LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so
<Location /svn>
   DAV svn
   SVNParentPath /var/lib/svn
      AuthType Basic
      AuthName "Subversion Server"
      AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/svn-auth-file
      Require valid-user
  -------- from: svn --version --------------------------------------------------------
svn, version 1.4.3 (r23084)
   compiled Feb 20 2007, 14:58:04
Copyright (C) 2000-2006 CollabNet.
Subversion is open source software, see http://subversion.tigris.org/
This product includes software developed by CollabNet (http://www.Collab.Net/).
The following repository access (RA) modules are available:
* ra_dav : Module for accessing a repository via WebDAV (DeltaV) protocol.
  - handles 'http' scheme
  - handles 'https' scheme
* ra_svn : Module for accessing a repository using the svn network protocol.
  - handles 'svn' scheme
* ra_local : Module for accessing a repository on local disk.
  - handles 'file' scheme
-------- from strace on: svn lock test.bas --message "Testing lock." -----------
poll([{fd=3, events=POLLIN, revents=POLLIN}], 1, 3600000) = 1
read(3, "\27\3\1\1p", 5) = 5
read(3, "\363\3124\361\303\340\260e\273\3\251\357\206\356\217\351"..., 368) = 368
write(3, "\25\3\1\0 p\31>\4V\213\315\212\232\332\332\301\305W\214"..., 37) = 37
close(3) = 0
write(2, "svn: Lock request failed: 405 Me"..., 69) = 69
lstat64("/root/test/.svn/log", 0xbfd7445c) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
unlink("/root/test/.svn/lock") = 0
exit_group(1) = ?

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