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[CORR] svn 1.4.3 static builds for mac (fat), solaris (both), and linux (x86)

From: D. J. Hagberg <dhagberg_at_millibits.com>
Date: 2007-02-03 19:49:17 CET

The solaris-sparc tarball had the wrong rev. 1.4.0 binaries in it,
from Oct 2006. I have since posted a corrected tarball, with its
new checksum (22a7d7a29d1168dc7ff1948d0541601d) listed below.
Apologies for the slip-up. Thanks to Raman G. for bringing this
to my attention.

                       -=- D. J.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: svn 1.4.3 static builds for mac (fat), solaris (both), and
linux (x86) From: "D. J. Hagberg" <dhagberg@millibits.com>
Date: Fri, February 2, 2007 11:55 pm
To: announce@subversion.tigris.org
Cc: users@subversion.tigris.org

I have updated my static builds of Subversion. This now includes
the following architectures:

- Mac OS X Tiger - fat (both ppc and x86 in the same binaries)
- Solaris 7 and higher (8, 9, 10, ...) - sparc
- Solaris 10 and higher - x86
- Linux kernel 2.4 and higher - x86

These static builds are intended (mostly) as client installations
for workstations -- typically targeted for install under /usr/local, but
since they are statically linked may also be run from a home
directory or other location.

As a client install, the svn binaries all support file, http, https, svn,
and svn+ssh access methods. The server install supports fsfs and Berkeley
DB (statically linked).

Available for download, along with the scripts used to build them, at:


MD5 checksums:
1383c4505e83bf391ff59df56812cad3 subversion-1.4.0-linux-x86.tar.gz
d5e325c90a3615b5ce1d6f6a065ea37f svn-linux-build.zip

9ca6808ccf82936c5fc22fe3c8336d96 subversion-1.4.0-tiger.dmg
1cda43edb42527263350fa39bce6e240 svn-mac-build.zip

22a7d7a29d1168dc7ff1948d0541601d subversion-1.4.3-solaris-sparc.tar.gz
b4bb8a8111f4f969518eace92ad87053 subversion-1.4.0-solaris-x86.tar.gz
a39b6c9b1e39851b05b4e5dddbeace53 svn-solaris-build.zip

a5ffce124c1c4612404084a8228234c1 subversion-1.4.3-linux-x86.tar.gz
2229a4405f899e9b7f1f02d214de6ddb svn-linux-build.zip

7c7e3f8897a0d2209d5d75e3058508d9 subversion-1.4.3-tiger-fat.dmg
27d03dea90e90d535465473975a22228 svn-mac-build.zip

22a7d7a29d1168dc7ff1948d0541601d subversion-1.4.3-solaris-sparc.tar.gz
327eb28f3783c9bea3da44342540b7ef subversion-1.4.3-solaris-x86.tar.gz
0823c116d4c629871b1f1401d0ada5d5 svn-solaris-build.zip

The 00README.txt file in each client directory contains info about how the
svn_wrappers script works w/this installation as well as
recommendations for upgrades from prior 1.x builds. You will need a group
created for your subversion users, typically "svn," before you run it.

More OS-specific details:

Linux version built on Red Hat 7.1, tested on RedHat Enterprise 3, 4 and
RedHat 9, all for x86. By building on 7.1, it should have
maximum forward compatibility. I have had some feedback from SuSE and
Ubuntu users that previous builds of these binaries do work
in their environments.

Mac version built on Tiger 10.4.8 for PowerPC *and* Intel. I then used
the "lipo" utility to build fat binaries of each of the svn*
utilities that are included in this installer. If you are running and
older version of Mac OS X, I have kept old builds for Jaguar
(10.2) and Panther (10.3) in the same directory:

c0ea53ce7758e11369dc8a37c384c05c subversion-1.0.6-jaguar.dmg
3d69f7211f80218f635c83655d30ed50 subversion-1.3.0-panther.dmg

Solaris/sparc version built on Solaris 7 (using the unbundled
SunPro/Forte compilers), which is forward-compatible with all future
versions of Solaris, up to and including the latest version 10 (and
Nevada), per Sun's ABI compatibility guarantees.

Solaris/x86 version built on Solaris 10 (using the unbundled
SunPro/Forte compilers), which should run on both i386 and x64 (AMD
Opteron/Intel EM64T) systems. I have only tested it on i386. This should
also run on Solaris Express and Open Solaris/Nevada but that has not been

All versions linked dynamically against the system zlib except for Solaris
7 Sparc (where there is no system zlib) and statically against: - Berkely
DB 4.4.20, with patches 1-4 applied
- Expat 2.0.0
- OpenSSL 0.9.8d
- Neon, APR, and APRUtil as shipped in the Subversion 1.4.3-deps

Hope this helps other groups that have similar cross-platform needs for a
simple kit they can give to their developers...

                        -=- D. J.

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