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Re: [merge tracking] Problems with merge info availability and merge interface

From: Daniel Rall <dlr_at_collab.net>
Date: 2006-10-05 02:23:25 CEST

On Fri, 18 Aug 2006, Karl Fogel wrote:

> Daniel Rall <dlr@collab.net> writes:
> > Note: The most complete solution to many of these problems is to keep
> > a full, sync'd copy of all merge info in both WC and repository.
> > Considering that this would move Subversion from a centralized
> > repository towards a more distributed system, this is not something we
> > want to pursue (at least, not at this time). [1]
> I don't have good answers for the problems you posed (sorry, just a
> time issue at the moment), but I did want to question the article of
> faith stated above.
> Should a solution be rejected because it tends in the direction of a
> distributed system? If solutions to current problems push Subversion
> in that direction, it might mean that's a useful direction to go. And
> nothing will force us to go farther in that direction than we choose
> to, so why worry? :-)

Garrett responded:

> It's certainly an interesting idea...

If at all possible, I would prefer to avoid implementing distributed
repositories in conjunction with Merge Tracking, which is already a
very complex topic in its own right.

Karl wrote:

> >(The reasons given in [1] are understandable... at some point we may
> >have to ditch the detachable working copies, handy though they are.)

Garrett responded:

> Honestly, I'm starting to think that ditching detachable working
> copies is a reasonable step to take. An awful lot of good ideas break
> down once you have them, and considering what the tradeoffs start to
> look like, I'm not sure it's worth it to keep the feature.

While I think it's possible to implement some degree of Merge Tracking
support on top of the detachable WCs concept, I am coming to the
conclusion that it'll end up being both *extremely* painful (due to
needless complexity in the WC code), and not nearly as complete as it
could otherwise be (e.g. it'll be difficult to retain merge info after
a merge without a commit, and a subsequent detaching of a WC which was
affected by the merge but didn't have the merge info recorded on it).

> (The reasons given in [1] are understandable... at some point we may
> have to ditch the detachable working copies, handy though they are.)
> Gratuitous meta-comment courtesy of,
> -K
> > The complete TODO list of outstanding problems and tasks is tracked
> > here:
> > http://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/branches/merge-tracking/TODO
> >
> >
> > WC -> WC copy/move operations
> > -----------------------------
> > Such operations are important for refactoring tools (e.g. Eclipse,
> > IDEA, etc.). Retaining support for operations offline is quite useful
> > in this regard (as you can still run'em on the train, when your
> > repository is down, etc.).
> >
> > Preserving offline operation is difficult without replicating merge
> > info to the client's WC, and keeping that merge info sync'd with the
> > repository. Usually, the client must contact the repository to get
> > the merge info -- both explicit/inherited, and reflected from all
> > revisions of the copy source at its current path -- it needs for the
> > parents of the copy source in order to have the complete information
> > that needs to be written about the children. The formula's something
> > like:
> >
> > dest merge info = src merge info + revs of src at path
> >
> > We need to use this formula on the client side because subsequent
> > merges may change the merge info for the destination path before a
> > commit to the repository can set the merge info reflected by the
> > copy's source path.
> >
> > If the the copy source has no merge info, and the destination path is
> > a direct parent of the source path, then we don't need to move any
> > merge info (since it will still be gotten from the same parent), but
> > we still need to do history tracing to find the oldest revision at
> > which the copy source has been at its current path, so that it can be
> > included in the merge info for the destination.
> >
> > This is not a correctness issue, but rather one of maintaining
> > disconnected operation in the face of merge info.
> >
> >
> > URL -> URL -> WC merge operations (merge test #19)
> > --------------------------------------------------
> > A useful operation which takes the difference between URL1@rX and
> > URL2@rY, and applies the delta between those trees to a WC.
> >
> > The operation currently comes down as one big text delta between the
> > files. We can't tell what revs it actually contains, nor how they
> > relate to the WC's merge info. Because of this, we can't calculate
> > which portions of the delta to apply, and which to filter out (because
> > they're already represented by our WC).
> >
> > We can preserve the existing behavior without using merge info (as a
> > worst case), but this is rather at odds with the goal of introducing
> > merge tracking, so we'd like to do something better.
> >
> > One option is to send the target paths, plus any WC merge info
> > changes, to the repository when procuring the editor, and let the
> > editor filter out the merges which are already represented by the WC.
> >
> >
> > WC notifications from a merge operation
> > ---------------------------------------
> > These notifications are received as callbacks indicating that an
> > interesting action has occurred on a path.
> >
> > For merge tracking purposes, (at least) skips and conflicts must be
> > handled, both of which affect merge info set on the WC as the result
> > of a merge. Conflicts may also involve entering a conflict resolution
> > mode, or necessitate only partial application of the requested merge
> > range to conflicted files.
> >
> > Notifications of all types generate output. Merging a set of revision
> > ranges in a loop may cause multiple notifications for a single WC
> > item. This is a rather large difference from existing command-line
> > client output (and libsvn_client API behavior).
> >
> > This is not a problem so much as question of what we want to do from
> > an interface perspective.
> >
> >
> >
> > [1] While we could explore the option of sync'ing mergeinfo between WC
> > and repository, comparision to other VC systems suggests that this
> > would likely require additional restrictions on WCs (e.g. no separable
> > WCs unless we have one merge info DB for each directory, which would
> > be horrendous), and quite a bit of work. It would be difficult to
> > make such a change in behavior compatible with previous versions of
> > Subversion.

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