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Re: [Svnmerge] [PATCH] Add ability to mark change sets as merged

From: Daniel Rall <dlr_at_collab.net>
Date: 2006-03-28 00:49:05 CEST

Giovanni, David, thanks for the excellent feedback.

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, David James wrote:

> On 3/25/06, Giovanni Bajo <rasky@develer.com> wrote:
> > Daniel Rall <dlr@collab.net> wrote:
> >
> > > This is effectively a way to manipulate the merge memory stored in the
> > > "svnmerge-integrated" property. It's the flip-side of the 'block'
> > > concept.
> >
> > Hi Dan, thanks for the patch. It looks ok.
> >
> > I don't specifically like the name of the option nor the documentation. I
> > thought of "--manual": what people think of it? I'm not really satisfied with
> > it either. "--record-only" is longer but possibly better? I don't think it's
> > too long as I don't expect it to be used so commonly to justify the need of a
> > shorter name (and there's the single-dash letter version anyway). [BTW, I don't
> > care about the single-dash letter, -M: that's always a non-informative
> > non-mnemonic version of the option, so really any letter works).
> >
> > So a proposal:
> >
> > """
> > --record-only: do not perform an actual merge of the changes, yet record that a
> > merge happened.
> > """
> I definitely like these new names. "--manual" describes the use case:
> I did a manual merge; please update the merge metadata for me.
> "--record-only" describes what svnmerge.py actually does -- it records
> that we already did a manual merge. Both names are good, with the
> first being shorter, and the second being slightly more clear. Like
> you, I tend to favour clarity over brevity.

I actually considered both these names, and am happy with
--record-only too.

It's nice when the short option also reflects the long option. I
considering switching the short option from -M to -O (-R reminds me
too much of Subverion's own "recursive"), but after conversation with
David, left it as -M on the grounds that it's a better mnemonic for
"manual" and "merge".

> > As for the main description at the top:
> >
> > """
> > When manually merging changes across branches, --record-only can be used to
> > instruct svnmerge that a manual merge of a certain revision already happened,
> > so that it can record it and not offer that revision for merge anymore.
> > """
> Very clear. Great! Thanks for writing this documentation as it will be
> very helpful for users.

Looks great, thanks Giovanni!

> Should we also refer back to the "block" subcommand, which allows you
> to ask svnmerge *not* to merge a particular set of revisions? In some
> cases, if you didn't exactly "merge" the revision but the
> functionality is available on the branch with similar code, it might
> be tough to choose between the two.

I mentioned it.

> We may want to mention somewhere that svnmerge.py does not record
> "indirect" metadata (i.e. it does not record that, if you merge a
> change from branchA to branchB, you might indirectly be merging
> changes from trunk). For now, you can correct this metadata using
> merge --record-only. In future, it might be possible for us to be a
> bit better about merging the indirect metadata, but I don't think
> we'll ever get it perfect, so this feature will always be handy.
> > I'd also add a note to the svnmerge block help page:
> >
> > """
> > Do not use this option to hide revisions that were manually merged into the
> > branch. Instead, use "svnmerge merge --record-only".
> Great! Good idea to refer back to "--record-only".

I used this text.

> > The immediate effect is the same (the revision is not available for merge anymore),
> > but the behaviour will be more correct with respect to merge across multiple branches.
> Really? Why would --record-only allow svnmerge.py to behave more
> correctly? I find this sentence a bit confusing. I think we should
> simply say that "--record-only" records that a merge happened, whereas
> "block" records that a merge should not happen.

I used something closer to David's suggestion, and committed the
changes to Subversion trunk in r19051. If you'd like any additional
tweaks, let me know.

Daniel Rall

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