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Re: svn commit: r18769 - trunk/www

From: <kfogel_at_collab.net>
Date: 2006-03-08 14:53:39 CET

offby1@tigris.org writes:
> Log:
> * www/faq.html (terse-diff): tighten up the regex; use "cut" rather
> than "awk", to work with files whose names contain spaces

I'm being really nitpicky now, but this is more for the sake of
establishing general principles for future log messages:

Since you specifically described two of the three things you changed,
you might as well describe the third (which was actually the most
important, as it fixed an actual error!). Either that, or don't go
into so much detail, just say "Various improvements and corrections."
The idea is that if the log message appears to go into detail at all,
then the reader should be able to depend on its being comprehensive.
IOW, it's okay to not go into detail, or to go into *all* expected
detail, just not to do some in-between thing.

The guidelines also say to make log messages complete sentences, i.e.,
begin with a capital letter, end with a period. This makes them
somewhat easier to read (for example, my eye had to search around a
bit to find the beginning of the sentence, and had to double-check
when it reached the end to make sure it was really the end). I don't
want to beat on that point too much -- it's certainly not a big deal
and I'm not going to bother to propchange it, I'm just mentioning it
for next time.

Finally, in r18770 I replaced the "if you're fortunate enough to be
using Unix" with something a bit less chauvinistic. When Windows
users read the FAQ, they shouldn't feel condescended to :-).


> Modified: trunk/www/faq.html
> Url: http://svn.collab.net/viewcvs/svn/trunk/www/faq.html?rev=18769&p1=trunk/www/faq.html&p2=trunk/www/faq.html&r1=18768&r2=18769
> ==============================================================================
> --- trunk/www/faq.html (original)
> +++ trunk/www/faq.html Wed Mar 8 07:31:01 2006
> @@ -2128,14 +2128,15 @@
> <tt>svn diff</tt> doesn't have an option to do this, but
> <ul>
> <li>
> - If you only are interested in the diffs between two adjacent versions,
> - <pre>svn log -vq -r10:11</pre> does exactly what you want;
> + If you only are interested in the diffs between, say, revision 10
> + and the revision just before it, <pre>svn log -vq -r10</pre> does
> + exactly what you want;
> </li>
> <li>
> otherwise, if you're fortunate enough to be using Unix, this works
> for any range of versions:
> <pre>
> - svn log -vq -r123:456 working-copy | egrep '^ +[ADM]' | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq </pre> </li>
> + svn log -vq -r123:456 | egrep '^ {3}[ADMR] ' | cut -c6- | sort | uniq </pre> </li>
> </ul>
> </p>
> </div>
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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