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Re: FAQ: svn advocacy / advice

From: Ivan Zhakov <chemodax_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2005-11-10 09:30:39 CET

On 11/8/05, Kean Johnston <jkj@sco.com> wrote:
> Good evening subverters,
> We (SCO) are looking for a new revision control tool to
> replace a historic SCCS tree, and hopefully, a ClearCase
> tree as well. The source base is pretty large, and dates
> back to the mid-70's. The current contender is cvs, becuase
> it is such a well-known quantity, but I would much prefer
> to use svn. However, both myself and others on the project
> have a few concerns and questions, and I would appreciate
> some advice.
> I am sure much of this is covered in the doc, but I need
> a fairly quick answer to justify spending the time doing
> research. If these are all FAQ, I appologise but hope you
> will indulge me. Yes/no answers are acceptable :)
> 1. Is fsfs the prefered solution? If so, since each revision
> seems to be set of changes relative to the previous one,
> considering the amount of history and size of tree and
> number of revisions, does svn actually need to play back
> from revision 1 or does it store some sort of "checkpoint"
> along the way? If it does, is that automatic or manual?
> Also, if it does, is that "checkpoint" then basically the
> size of the repository at that point in time?
> 2. I know there is a cvs to svn converter, and I've seen some
> threads about an SCCS to svn converter using cvs in between,
> but does anyone know of a direct SCCS to svn converter? If
> not, does svn's API lend itself to me writing such a tool?
> Anyone have any WAG what the scope of such a project would
> be?
> 3. Is it possible (even if slow) to check out a tree based on
> property values? For example, could I say "check out all
> files that have the property foo set to baz"? Or if not
> check out, at least get a listing of such files which I
> can then copy into a tag? (think: during the conversion
> process I retain SCCS info in properties, and then want
> to convert from a given SCCS SID to a propper svn tag).
> 4. Has anyone ever done scalability testing with svn? Is it
> an appropriate tool for a 600 000+ source file repository?
> Any / all advice greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
I have recently moved my company to Subversion from SourceSafe.
200-300 full time developers, for the most part on Windows. We have
big products with long history. And Subversion deals very nice. There
is only one problem -- working copy littile bit slow on large working
copy, but I hope it will imrpove in 1.3.

PS: If you interested we decide to use BDB as backend.

Ivan Zhakov
Received on Thu Nov 10 09:32:08 2005

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