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Svn transaction failure due to wrong permissions on creation.

From: John Duprey <john.duprey_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2005-09-07 21:08:18 CEST

Hello developer-type people,

If this is a case of me not RTFM, I apologize. I *think* I've looked
everywhere for a solution. Can someone please take pity on me and help me
solve this problem? I posted this problem to the users mailing list and
heard total silence. I'm re-sending hear in hopes that this problem might
ring a bell.

We are using subversion 1.2.2 server and the latest tortoise svn and
subclipse. *Occasionally* we get an error on commit. On the client side it
reports "svn: commit failed. .. MKACTIVITY of
'/svn/CFA/!svn/act/a4c8.....334': 500 Internal Server Error.."

On the server side I see in the appache error logs (using subversion as part
of apache):
[Wed Sep 07 14:24:10 2005] [error] [client<>]
Could not create activity
/svn/CFA/!svn/act/192122a9-0b54-7a4c-9699-0ccc0ad19655. [500, #0]
[Wed Sep 07 14:24:10 2005] [error] [client<>]
could not begin a transaction [500, #13]
[Wed Sep 07 14:24:10 2005] [error] [client<>]
Can't open file '/svnroot/repos/CFA/db/transactions/148-1.txn/node.0.0':
Permission denied [500, #13]

Listing open transactions reveals:
---[ CFA/ Transaction 148-1 ]-------------------------------------------
svnlook: Reference to non-existent node '0.0.t148-1' in filesystem 'CFA/db'

Looking at the filesystem reveals:
ls -l CFA/db/transactions/148-1.txn/
total 0
-rw-r--r-- 1 root apache 0 Sep 7 14:32 props

Notice that props is own by root and only root has write perms. That is
suspect. I have chown'ed -R apache:apache /svnroot/repos - the parent dir of
all my repositories. I have chmod'ed -R ug+rwX /svnroot/repos.

More details about the installation, software versions, etc can be found
below. I've tried lots of things - removing configuration options out of
HTTPD (like virtual hosts, user dirs, etc). I did a complete re-install of
apache, php, subversion. I'm at a loss and would appreciate any help anyone
can provide.

My next blind step is to run svnserve stand alone.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Duprey <john.duprey@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 6, 2005 3:40 PM
Subject: Re: Svn transaction failure due, mod_svn - apache 2
To: users@subversion.tigris.org

This is a follow up to my own post. I'm at a loss for what to try next. If
anyone can provide a fresh perspective, I'd appreciate it!

I uninstalled apache, php, and subversion, moved the old config dirs out of
the way and re-installed, apache, php, and subversion. We are still getting
periodic errors similar to:
[Wed Aug 31 12:55:55 2005] [error] [client<>]
Could not create activity /svn/ResultsPlus/!svn/act
> /a24ba835-0155-2042-a734-13818c448007. [500, #0]

In 99.9% of the cases we also see props is owned by root:
repos$ ls -l ResultsPlus/db/transactions/90-1.txn/
total 0
-rw-r--r-- 1 root apache 0 Aug 31 12:56 props
Can *anyone* think of why this could be other than a bug in apache and or
mod_svn/subversion? I think I've given most of the pertinent information,
see below. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions for debugging the problem.
(We use tortoise-svn for the client, we also use websvn (on the server) for
browsing logs, etc.)

Here's what I think are the relevant details:

# Needed to do Subversion Apache server.
LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_svn.so

# Only Needed if you decide to do "per-directory" access control.
#LoadModule authz_svn_module modules/mod_authz_svn.so

# Example location directive.

<Location /svn>
DAV svn
SVNParentPath /svnroot/repos

# # Limit write permission to list of valid users.
# # Require SSL connection for password protection.
# # SSLRequireSSL
# AuthType Basic
# AuthName "Authorization Realm"
# AuthUserFile /absolute/path/to/passwdfile

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Authorization Realm"
AuthUserFile /etc/svnpass
Require valid-user

On 8/31/05, John Duprey <john.duprey@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having the strangest problem with a number of our subversion
> repositories all running one of our apache-linux server (askani).
> Occasionally transactions fail with error messages similar to:
> [Wed Aug 31 12:55:55 2005] [error] [client<>]
> Could not create activity
> /svn/ResultsPlus/!svn/act/a24ba835-0155-2042-a734-13818c448007. [500, #0]
> [Wed Aug 31 12:55:55 2005] [error] [client<>]
> could not begin a transaction [500, #13]
> [Wed Aug 31 12:55:55 2005] [error] [client<>]
> Can't open file '/svnroot/repos/ResultsPlus/db/transactions/90-1.txn/node.0.0':
> Permission denied [500, #13]
> File permissions are set correctly. User and group is set to the apache
> user and permissions are set such that user and group can read, write, and
> change directories (rwX). In trying to diagnose the problem I even gave
> (everybody) rwX permissions. Looking in the repos/db/transactions directory
> I can see the start of a transaction:
> repos$ ls -l ResultsPlus/db/transactions/
> total 4
> drw-rwSrw- 2 apache apache 4096 Aug 31 12:56 90-1.txn
> **Sometimes** a props file exists within the transaction dir:
> repos$ ls -l ResultsPlus/db/transactions/90-1.txn/
> total 0
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root apache 0 Aug 31 12:56 props
> Notice the owner/permissions of the the props file! That isn't right is
> it.
> This problem doesn't happen all the time, but when it does the only way to
> recover is to delete the transaction (e.g. 90-1.txn) and restart the
> apache server.
> I'm running RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.
> repos$ cat /etc/redhat-release
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 5)
> I'm running apache 2:
> Server Version: Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat)
> Server Built: Feb 25 2005 09:35:45
> API Version: 20020903:4
> I'm running the latest prebuilt subversion libraries from http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-3/bin/
> :
> rpm -qa | grep -i subversion
> subversion-perl-1.2.1-1
> subversion-devel-1.2.1-1
> subversion-1.2.1-1
> subversion-python-1.2.1-1
> subversion-debuginfo-1.2.1-1
> subversion-tools-1.2.1-1
> (Note: I had the same problem with the 1.2.0 binaries, .. thought
> upgrading would help..)
> This server was running fine a for many weeks and I'm just now seeing the
> problem so I suspect I've mis-configured something or some apache module is
> causing flaky behavior. However, I can't seem to isolate the problem. I'm at
> a loss and would really appreciate some help and/or advice.
> Here are the apache modules installed:
> Server Settings <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#server>,
> mod_authz_svn.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_authz_svn.c>,
> mod_dav_svn.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_dav_svn.c>,
> sapi_apache2.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#sapi_apache2.c>,
> mod_cgi.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_cgi.c>,
> mod_mem_cache.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_mem_cache.c>,
> mod_file_cache.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_file_cache.c>,
> mod_disk_cache.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_disk_cache.c>,
> mod_suexec.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_suexec.c>,
> mod_cache.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_cache.c>,
> proxy_connect.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#proxy_connect.c>,
> proxy_http.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#proxy_http.c>,
> proxy_ftp.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#proxy_ftp.c>,
> mod_proxy.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_proxy.c>,
> mod_rewrite.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_rewrite.c>,
> mod_alias.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_alias.c>,
> mod_userdir.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_userdir.c>,
> mod_speling.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_speling.c>,
> mod_actions.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_actions.c>,
> mod_imap.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_imap.c>,
> mod_dir.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_dir.c>,
> mod_negotiation.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_negotiation.c>,
> mod_vhost_alias.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_vhost_alias.c>,
> mod_dav_fs.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_dav_fs.c>,
> mod_info.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_info.c>,
> mod_asis.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_asis.c>,
> mod_autoindex.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_autoindex.c>,
> mod_status.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_status.c>,
> mod_dav.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_dav.c>,
> mod_mime.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_mime.c>,
> mod_setenvif.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_setenvif.c>,
> mod_unique_id.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_unique_id.c>,
> mod_usertrack.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_usertrack.c>,
> mod_headers.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_headers.c>,
> mod_deflate.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_deflate.c>,
> mod_expires.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_expires.c>,
> mod_cern_meta.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_cern_meta.c>,
> mod_mime_magic.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_mime_magic.c>,
> mod_env.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_env.c>,
> mod_log_config.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_log_config.c>,
> mod_include.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_include.c>,
> mod_auth_digest.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_auth_digest.c>,
> mod_auth_dbm.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_auth_dbm.c>,
> mod_auth_anon.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_auth_anon.c>,
> mod_auth.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_auth.c>,
> mod_access.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_access.c>,
> mod_so.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#mod_so.c>,
> http_core.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#http_core.c>,
> prefork.c <http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#prefork.c>, core.c<http://askani.roc.westgroup.com/server-info#core.c> Thanks in advance,
> -John
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