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Language negotiation and localization of server-generated messages

From: Daniel L. Rall <dlr_at_finemaltcoding.com>
Date: 2005-06-02 09:26:02 CEST

Lately I've been thinking about language negotiation and localization of
server-generated messages. Over time, there's been a good deal of
discussion around this topic on the dev list, and Erik Huelsmann was
good enough to capture the majority of it in a document named "l10n-
problems" (r13271). Recently I started chatting with people on IRC
about this problem, reading list archives, etc. and have both added some
more information to that document, and laid out a set of requirements
and possible strategy for server-side L10N.


I'd be interested in hearing feedback on the current "Translations on
the server" section of the document:

--- snip ---
On systems which define the LC_MESSAGES constant, setlocale() can be used
to set string translation for all (error) strings even those outside
the Subversion domain.

Windows doesn't define LC_MESSAGES. Instead GNU gettext uses the environ-
ment variables LANGUAGE, LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES and LANG (in that order) to
find out what language to translate to. If none of these are defined, the
system and user default locales are queried. Though setting one of
the aforementioned variables before starting the server will avoid
localization by Subversion to the default locale, messages generated
by the system itself are likely to still be in its default locale
(they are on Windows).

While systems which have the LC_MESSAGES flag (or setenv() - of which
Windows has neither) allow languages to be switched at run time, this cannot
be done portably.

Any attempt to use setlocale() in an Apache environment may conflict
with settings other modules expect to be setup (even when using a
prefork MPM). On the svnserve side, having no portable way to change
languages dynamically means that the environment has to be set up
correctly from the start. Given that, the svnserve protocol doesn't
yet support content negotiation

In other words, there is no way -- programmatically -- to ensure that
messages are served in any specific language using a traditional
gettext implementation. Current consensus is that gettext must be
replaced on the server side with a more flexible implementation.

Server requirement(s):
 - Language negotiation on a per-client session basis.
 - Avoid contamination of environment used by other code.

I18N requirement(s):
 - Cross-platform.
 - Interoperable with gettext() tools.

I18N nice-to-have(s):
 - gettext()-like API.

Possible implementation:
 - Based around a new gettext-like module with per-struct or
   per-thread locale mutator functions and storage for name/value
   pairs (a glorified apr_hash_t). Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote something
   along these lines already
 - Language used by httpd/mod_dav_svn derived from the Accept-Language
   HTTP header, and setup by mod_negotiation.
 - Language used by svnserve derived from additions to the protocol
   which allow for HTTP-style content negotiation on a per-session

Investigation?: A brief canvasing of developers (on IRC) indicated that
no thorough investigation of existing solutions which might meet the
above requirements has been done. This incomplete canvasing may not
paint an accurate picture, however.

Historical note: Original consensus indicated that messages from the
server side should stay untranslated for transmission to the client.
However, client side localization is not an option, because by then
the parameter values have been inserted into the string, meaning that
it can't be looked up in the messages catalogue anymore. So any
localization must occur on the server, or significantly increase the
complexity of marshalling messages from the server as
unlocalized/unformatted data structures and localizing them on the
client side using some additional wrapper APIs to handle the
unmarshalling and message formatting.
--- snip ---

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