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Subversion 1.1.0 released.

From: Ben Reser <ben_at_reser.org>
Date: 2004-09-30 02:43:27 CEST

Subversion 1.1.0 is ready. Grab it from:


The MD5 checksums are:

   9da8fdd869b218e17101b7675cbbae99 subversion-1.1.0.tar.gz
   a91b0d79b8c8ab8747587037c044c6c9 subversion-1.1.0.tar.bz2
   4591554c8cca784d7e6f893eeb20ebc7 subversion-1.1.0.zip

PGP Signatures are available at:

PGP Signatures will be made by the following person(s) for this release:
   Ben Reser [1024D/641E358B] with fingerprint:
   42F5 91FD E577 F545 FB40 8F6B 7241 856B 641E 358B

Subversion 1.1.0 is the first new feature release since 1.0.0 and
includes a number of new improvements and features. You can find a
detailed list of the chnages in our release notes at:

The release notes also detail the compatability of this release with
prior 1.0.x releases.

A full list of changes since 1.0.8 follows below.

Questions, comments, and bug reports to users_at_subversion.tigris.org.

-The Subversion Team


 * new non-database repository back-end (libsvn_fs_fs)
 * symlinks can now be placed under version control (unix systems only)
 * cmdline client now supports psuedo-IRIs and autoescapes chars (issue #1910)
 * 'svnadmin recover' no longer waits forever for a lock (new '--wait' option)
 * new $Revision$ synonym for $Rev$ and $LastChangedRevision$
 * new runtime option 'store-passwords = ' gives finer control (r10794)x
 * fixed: working copies now shareable by multiple users (issue #1509)
 * fixed: diff and other subcommands correctly follow renames (issue #1093)
     - new 'peg' syntax for diff/merge: 'svn diff -r X:Y TARGET@REV'
     - now able to compare working copy with URL: 'svn diff --old WC --new URL'
 * new framework for localized error/info/help messages, initial translations:
     - German, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Traditional Chinese,
       Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese.
 * speed improvements:
     - faster 'svn up' on complex working copies -- no more repos txns (r8840)
     - faster 'svn status' -- fewer stat() calls (r9182)
     - faster 'svn checkout' -- fewer sleep() calls (r9123)
     - faster 'svn blame' -- new RA->get_file_revs() func (issue #1715)
 * new switches added:
     - 'svn blame --verbose' - show extra annotation info
     - 'svn export --native-eol TYPE' - export using TYPE line-endings
     - 'svn add --force' - recurse into version-controlled dirs
     - 'svnadmin dump --deltas' - include binary diffs in dumpfile
     - 'svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs' - create fs_fs repos (default is bdb)
     - 'svnserve --tunnel-user=NAME' - assume authenticated NAME over tunnel
     - 'svndumpfilter [cmd] --quiet' - less chatty dumpfiltering
     - 'svnserve --version' - show program's version
       'svnversion --version'
       'svndumpfilter --version'
 * svnadmin dump/deltify now understand -r{DATE} (r9805)
 * allow update of non-existent target entry (partial issue #1902 fix)
 * 'svnadmin create' now sets sgid bit on repos/db/ (unix systems only)
 * increase default neon (ra_dav) timeout from 120 to 3600 seconds (r9568)
 * print verbose BDB error messages (r10557, r10566)
 * fixed: don't bail when 'svn up' refuses to delete local mods (issue #1806)
 * fixed: process svn:externals in defined order (issue #1788)
 * fixed: pass new propval to stdin of pre-revprop-change hook (issue #952)
 * fixed: svndumpfilter logic/memory/display bugs (r8691, 8831, 9061)
 * fixed: 'svnadmin hotcopy PATH .' (r8659)
 * fixed: copy crash bug (r8863)
 * fixed: 'svn st -u' crash bug (r10841)
 * fixed: 'svn commit' segfault (r10676)
 * fixed: allow cleanup on .svn/ dirs containing KILLME file (r8891)
 * fixed: 'svn revert' detects corrupted text-base (r8897)
 * fixed: 'svn status -N' no longer locks entire tree (r8906)
 * fixed: several different 'svn switch' bugs (r9192, 9203, 9238, 9698)
 * fixed: some 'svn copy' bugs (r9193, 9274)
 * fixed: obscure update-deletion bug (r8976)
 * fixed: utf8 conversion 'hang' (r9233)
 * fixed: missing UTF8->native recoding in 'svn log' output (r10652, 10673)
 * fixed: 'svn blame' now defaults to rev (r9440)
 * fixed: 'svn blame' closing files before deleting them (issue #1969)
 * fixed: 'svn diff' shows truncated paths (r9693)
 * fixed: 'svn diff --notice-ancestry' bug (r9699)
 * fixed: 'svn subcommand -r{DATE} URL' works if URL not in HEAD (issue #1840)
 * fixed: 'svn blame' on non-ascii path truncation (issue #1770)
 * fixed: svn:external 'wc not locked' bug (issue #1897)
 * fixed: proper mod_dav_svn html/xml escaping (issue #1209)
 * fixed: memleak in 'svn propset -R URL' (issue #1928)
 * fixed: potential repos corruption; ensure stdin/out/err always open (r10819)
 * fixed: stop 'svn up' from deleting schedule-add target dir (issue #1793)
 * fixed: 'svn merge' adding a directory already 'deleted' (issue #1769)
 * fixed: excessive memory use when fs deltifies revision 2^N (r10070)
 * fixed: disallow non-recursive directory commit (issue #1797)
 * fixed: allow propget of props with colon in name (issue #1807)
 * fixed: 'svnadmin load' computation of copyfrom-rev (issue #1795)
 * fixed: runtime config files created with proper line-endings (issue #1803)
 * fixed: make svnserve's authn work on usernames with spaces (r10385)
 * fixed: have svnserve use repos UUID as default authn realm (r10394)
 * fixed: segfault when history-following hits 'empty' revision (r10368)
 * fixed: overzealous out-of-dateness checks in 'svn cp wc URL' (issue 1994)
 * fixed: don't URI-encode path in mod_dav_svn XML listings (r10461)
 * fixed: 'svn info' should refuse URL targets (r10760)
 * fixed: incomplete-directory handling bug (r10956)
 * fixed: allow cancellation between files during recursive dir add (r10894)
 * general improvement and normalization of error messages
 * many improvements to contributed tools: mailer.py, psvn.el, etc.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * libsvn_fs now loads either bdb (libsvn_fs_base) or fsfs (libsvn_fs_fs)
 * new console-printing API: svn_cmdline_printf() family checks for errors.
 * new library-version querying API:
     - new svn_[libname]_version() in each library
     - svn_ver_*() family of functions
 * 2nd generation APIs, from svn_foo() --> svn_foo2(). old APIs deprecated.
     - svn_wc_adm_open2() & friends, svn_wc_export2(), svn_client_add2()
       svn_wc_parse_externals_description2(), svn_hash_read/write2(),
       svn_repos_dump/load_fs2() & friends, svn_wc_diff2(),
 * other new APIs:
     - svn_stream_copy(), svn_txdelta_target_push(), svn_opt_parse_path(),
       svn_io_file_flush_to_disk, svn_repos_trace_node_locations(),
       svn_repos_get_file_revs(), RA->get_locations(), RA->get_file_revs,
       RA->get_version(), svn_sort_compare_paths(), svn_utf_initialize()
 * SVN_REVNUM_FMT_T usage replaced with %ld (r9691)
 * cache mod_authz_svn authz file per connection (r8867)
 * validate hex digits in % escape (issue #1947)
 * hashes now written to disk in sorted order (r9910)
 * do cancellation checks before loops, not after (r8918)
 * fixed: bug in svn_repos_dir_delta replacement logic (r8078)
 * fixed: tiny memory access bugs (r8229, 8230, 8313)
 * fixed: several commit buglets (r8955, 9658, 9757, 9855)
 * fixed: don't recursively lock all prop commands (r9172)
 * fixed: svnserve memory usage on many-file commits (r9185)
 * fixed: close svnserve child's listen-socket after forking (r10050)
 * fixed: 'svnadmin hotcopy' integrity improvements (issues #1817, #1818)
 * fixed: only verify media type of svn:mime-type, not encoding (r10126)
 * fixed: handle '//' and '..' in svn_path_canonicalize (issue #1779)
 * fixed: double URI escaping (issue #1814)
 * fixed: editor-driver bug (don't delete before every copy) (r10851)
 * fixed: potential mod_dav_svn crashes/memleaks (r10478)
 * fixed: better 'svnadmin verify verification (r10508, r10509)
 * fixed: encoding of get_repos_url_result (r10353, 10375)
 * fixed: prevent canonicalized URIs from ending in '/' (r10317)
 * stop using -std=c89 gcc flag (r11054)
 * sync with apr 1.0's find_apr.m4 and find_apu.m4 files (r10560)
 * win32 installer improvements (r10978)
 * huge improvements to python, perl, java bindings
 * huge changes to win32 build system

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