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Re: [PATCH] Win32 build documentation - misc fixes

From: Jon Foster <jon_at_jon-foster.co.uk>
Date: 2004-09-01 00:16:31 CEST


D.J. Heap wrote:
> Jon Foster wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Assorted build documentation changes:
> [snip]
> This looks pretty good except for the odd formatting below (Extract

Oops, sorry about that. Fixed patch attached.

This doesn't address the BDB issues - I'll do that as a separate patch

Log message per HACKING (unchanged):

Assorted build documentation cleanups, and documenting the VC.NET build.

    * build/win32/vc6-build.bat.in
      (AWKDIR, NASMDIR): New variables
      (PATH): Add AWKDIR and NASMDIR, remove hardcoded NASM path
      (Copy the binaries into a tree suitable for zipping): Reorder so
      the two apr-iconv copy commands are together

      (E.1 Prerequisites): Give the marketing names for Microsoft
      Visual Studio 7. Add Awk as it is needed for (at least) Apache
      and VS.NET APR-util builds. Add APR as a prerequisite for
      non-Apache builds.
      (E.3 Preparation): Add Awk, APR. Mention Perl must be on path.
      (E.4 Building the Binaries): Add AWK to path. Introduce NASMDIR
      rather than using hard-coded NASM path. Add basic VC.NET build

Thanks for looking at these, DJ.

Kind regards,

Jon Foster

Index: src-trunk/build/win32/vc6-build.bat.in
--- src-trunk/build/win32/vc6-build.bat.in (revision 10789)
+++ src-trunk/build/win32/vc6-build.bat.in (working copy)
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
 set DIR=trunk
 set DRIVE=C
 set PYTHONDIR=C:\Python22
+set AWKDIR=C:\SVN\awk
+set NASMDIR=C:\SVN\nasm
 set SDKINC=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include
 set SDKLIB=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\lib
 set APACHEDIR=C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2
@@ -16,7 +18,7 @@
 rem ====== End of shell variables which need to be set.
 rem Set up path to include Python and BDB.
 rem Set INCLUDE and LIB for the msdev builds.
@@ -105,6 +107,7 @@
 copy openssl-0.9.7d\out32dll\ssleay32.dll svn-win32-%VER%\bin
 copy httpd-2.0.50\srclib\apr\Release\libapr.dll svn-win32-%VER%\bin
 copy httpd-2.0.50\srclib\apr-iconv\Release\libapriconv.dll svn-win32-%VER%\bin
+copy httpd-2.0.50\srclib\apr-iconv\Release\iconv\*.so svn-win32-%VER%\iconv
 copy httpd-2.0.50\srclib\apr-util\Release\libaprutil.dll svn-win32-%VER%\bin
 copy gettext\bin\intl.dll svn-win32-%VER%\bin
 copy gettext\bin\iconv.dll svn-win32-%VER%\bin
@@ -119,7 +122,6 @@
 copy svn-win32-%VER%\bin\intl.dll "%APACHEDIR%\bin"
 copy svn-win32-%VER%\bin\iconv.dll "%APACHEDIR%\bin"
 copy svn-win32-%VER%\bin\libdb42.dll "%APACHEDIR%\bin"
-copy httpd-2.0.50\srclib\apr-iconv\Release\iconv\*.so svn-win32-%VER%\iconv
 rem ====== Configure Apache ready for doing tests.
 @echo off
Index: src-trunk/INSTALL
--- src-trunk/INSTALL (revision 10789)
+++ src-trunk/INSTALL (working copy)
@@ -560,7 +560,8 @@
   E.1 Prerequisites
       * Visual Studio 6 and service pack. It can be built with Visual Studio
- 7 but these instructions assumes VS6.
+ 7 (aka Visual Studio.NET aka Visual Studio.NET 2002) but these
+ instructions assumes VS6.
       * A recent Windows SDK, the one provided with Visual Studio 6 is
         too old. You only need the 'Core SDK'. You can get it from MSDN
         if you have it or from
@@ -569,6 +570,10 @@
       * Python 2.2 or higher, downloaded from http://www.python.org/ which is
         used to generate the project files.
       * Perl 5.8 or higher from http://www.activestate.com/
+ * Awk, from http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/who/bwk/awk95.exe
+ This is needed to compile Apache or APR. Note that this is the
+ actual awk program, not an installer - just rename it to awk.exe
+ and it is ready to use.
       * Neon 0.24.7 or higher, downloaded from
         http://www.webdav.org/neon/neon-0.24.7.tar.gz which is required
         for building the client components. Neon is included in the zip file
@@ -583,6 +588,11 @@
       * Apache 2 msi install file, also from
         http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi (required for running the
         tests). Only needed for testing the server dso modules.
+ * Apache apr, apr-util, and apr-iconv libraries, version 0.9.5.
+ Included in both the Subversion ZIP file and the Apache 2 source
+ tarball. If you are building from a Subversion checkout and have
+ not downloaded Apache 2, then get these 3 libraries from
+ http://www.apache.org/dist/apr/
       * ZLib 1.1.4 or higher (version 1.1.x) binaries
       * Openssl 0.9.7d or higher obtained from
@@ -662,7 +672,9 @@
         not be running."
       * Install Python and add it to your path
- * Install Perl
+ * Install Perl (it should add itself to the path)
+ * Copy AWK (awk95.exe) to awk.exe (e.g. SVN\awk\awk.exe) and add
+ the directory containing it (e.g. SVN\awk) to the path.
       * Install Apache 2 using the msi file if you are going to test the
         server dso modules.
       * If you checked out Subversion from the repository then extract neon
@@ -685,6 +697,15 @@
       * Extract Apache source into SVN\http-2.0.50 if you wish to build the
         server dso modules.
+ * If you are building from a checkout of Subversion, and you are NOT
+ building Apache, then you will need the APR libraries. Depending
+ on how you got your version of APR, either:
+ - Extract the APR, APRUTIL and APR-ICONV source distributions into
+ SVN\apr, SVN\apr-util, and SVN\apr-iconv respectively.
+ Or:
+ - Extract the apr, apr-util and apr-iconv directories from the
+ srclib folder in the Apache httpd source into SVN\apr,
+ SVN\apr-util, and SVN\apr-iconv respectively.
       * Extract the pre-built zlib into SVN\zlib and copy
         SVN\zlib\static32\zlibstat.lib into SVN\zlib
       * Extract openssl into SVN\openssl-0.9.7d
@@ -713,13 +734,15 @@
     C:>set DIR=trunk
     C:>set DRIVE=C
     C:>set PYTHONDIR=C:\Python22
+ C:>set AWKDIR=C:\SVN\Awk
+ C:>set NASMDIR=C:\SVN\nasm
     C:>set SDKINC=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include
     C:>set SDKLIB=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\lib
     C:>set GETTEXTINC=C:\SVN\gettext\include
     C:>set GETTEXTLIB=C:\SVN\gettext\lib
     C:>set GETTEXTBIN=C:\SVN\gettext\bin
- C:>PATH=%PATH%;%DRIVE%:\SVN\src-%DIR%\db4-win32;%DRIVE%:\SVN\nasm;
+ C:>PATH=%PATH%;%DRIVE%:\SVN\src-%DIR%\db4-win32;%NASMDIR%;
@@ -772,9 +795,9 @@
         directories must be in the Tools/Options/Directories settings (if you
         followed the 'Register the SDK with Visual Studio 6' instructions
         above this has been done for you).
- * If you are using Visual Studio .NET add -t vcproj to the gen-make.py
- command, you will also have to distribute the C runtime dll with the
- binaries.
+ * If you are using Visual Studio .NET change -t dsw into -t vcproj on
+ the gen-make.py command. In this case you will also have to
+ distribute the C runtime dll with the binaries.
       * If the server dso modules are being built and tested Apache must not
         be running or the copy of the dso modules will fail.
@@ -793,6 +816,12 @@
     C:>msdev subversion_msvc.dsw /USEENV /MAKE "__ALL_TESTS__ - Win32 Release"
     C:>cd ..
+ Or, with Visual C++.NET:
+ C:>devenv subversion_vcnet.sln /USEENV /build "Debug"
+ /project "__ALL_TESTS__"
+ C:>cd ..
     The binaries have now been built.
    E.5 Packaging the binaries

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