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Re: Client properties, checkout/update hook, encoding...

From: Francois Beausoleil <fbos_at_users.sourceforge.net>
Date: 2004-02-19 15:44:15 CET

Hi !

Subversion already does everything you wrote about. Without needing pre
commit hooks or anything.

The files on the server are always encoded as UTF-8, and are transported
this way on the wire. When the WC is updated, Subversion decodes the
UTF-8 and translates it to the currently selected platform encoding. The
reverse is done when the file is committed.

Hope that helps !

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:25:28 +0100, "Marcin Kasperski"
<Marcin.Kasperski@softax.com.pl> said:
> Seems my remarks about subversion book went to this list, so
> let's continue with more general thoughts. As short intro: I am
> currently using and co-administering CVS repository (being a
> person who made my organization to use CVS that 4 or 5 years
> ago), currently I watch subversion and slowly consider whether
> it would be good move for us...
> Let me first describe the problem we currently have. I am Polish
> and that means in particular that in the texts I write I use
> some national characters. Those characters are defined within
> iso-8859-2 encoding and used so on all Unix, Linux, VMS, Mac and
> VMS platforms. But our friends from Microsoft decided to create
> and use so called win-1250 encoding where those national
> characters are placed somewhere else. Now, we are developing
> some cross-platform libraries and software, co-developed by
> people working on Windows and Linux/Unix/VMS. An this results in
> the mess - whoever writes a comment, readme, whatever, uses his/
> her natural character encoding, people working on the other
> platform see this as a strange chars. We are routinely
> converting all that to iso-8859-2 but this means Windows people
> always see this wrong.
> BTW: this problem has some similarity to the famous CR vs CR/LF..
> I think I see the fairly natural solution which subversion could
> implement to help solving such a problem. What I need is
> an ability for pre-commit hook to change the modification text,
> additional checkout/update hook and an ability to bind some kind
> of property to the client (sandbox) and make it available to the
> hook. I imagine it so:
> a) For every textual file I define some kind of property (say
> 'natural-encoding') which tells what should be the natural
> (repository) file encoding. Maybe some commit hook verifies
> whether this is set but this is not so important. Maybe natural
> encoding is always UTF-8 and need not the property.
> b) In pre-commit hook I convert the file between the encodings in
> case the client encoding differs from the natural encoding of
> this file (of course only for the files which have the property
> activating the whole mechanism, this is not good idea to do it
> for Word docs). Here are the two needed subversion features: the
> hook needs the info which encoding the sandbox is using (some
> kind of sandbox property forwarded to the server while
> commiting) and an ability to modify the changes being commited
> by the pre-commit hook.
> c) Similarly, some update/checkout hook would convert opposite
> way. Here one need to have such a hook at all, to give to it the
> client property and to influence the file body.
> This way it seems possible that each sandbox will use its natural
> characters encoding in the way similar to using its own end of
> line mark.
> What do you thing about such a idea? Or is there something else?
> By the way: I think that sandbox properties, checkout/update hook
> and data modification in hooks could have more usage than the
> character conversion. As a quick example for the first two,
> sandbox marked with 'official build' property could allow only
> checkouts from tags directory...
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