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Re: rev 6632: FAIL: svnversion_tests.py 1

From: Erik Hülsmann <e.huelsmann_at_gmx.net>
Date: 2003-08-04 08:41:42 CEST
('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Ok, I meant to send the message below to the list but I did not (I sent it to myself :-/ )

I did a full build now:
 make clean
 make check

and the error still persists. I am about to adapt the svnversion tests to output diagnostic data when an error occurs, but that will not solve my problem. What should I do to resolve the error described below?



>Found the line with the error already: it's line 53:
># Text modified
>output, errput = svntest.main.run_svnversion(wc_dir, repo_url)
>The error returned is:
>['lt-svnversion: relocation error: /home/erik/svn/subversion/libsvn_wc/.libs/libsvn_wc-1.so.0: undefined symbol: svn_io_files_contents_same_p\n']
>I will try rebuilding the sources completely before coming back.
>>Before installing new versions of subversion I run the make check command.
>>The last few days this command fails at the svnversion_tests.py at test 1.
>>Shortly looking at the sources I found there is only one test to fail, so that did not really help tracking down the problem. I attached the log message below, but have a hard time deducing which command exactly caused the test to fail.
>>The system is a Linux RH8.0 system on which I build my own subversion from HEAD.
>>Who can tell me which statement causes the test to fail?
>>START: svnversion_tests.py
>>CMD: svnadmin "create" "local_tmp/repos" "--bdb-txn-nosync" <TIME = 1.675456>
>>CMD: svn "import" "--username" "jrandom" "--password" "rayjandom" "-m" "Log message for revision 1." "local_tmp/greekfiles" "file:///home/erik/svn/subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/local_tmp/repos" <TIME = 1.277935>
>>CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/svnversion_tests-1" "--bdb-txn-nosync" <TIME = 1.830345>
>>CMD: svnadmin dump "local_tmp/repos" | svnadmin load "repositories/svnversion_tests-1" <TIME = 0.006690>
>>CMD: svn "co" "--username" "jrandom" "--password" "rayjandom" "file:///home/erik/svn/subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/repositories/svnversion_tests-1" "working_copies/svnversion_tests-1" <TIME = 2.586808>
>>CMD: svnversion "working_copies/svnversion_tests-1" "file:///home/erik/svn/subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/repositories/svnversion_tests-1" <TIME = 0.453948>
>>CMD: svnversion "working_copies/svnversion_tests-1" "some/other/url" <TIME = 0.217133>
>>CMD: svnversion "working_copies/svnversion_tests-1" "file:///home/erik/svn/subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/repositories/svnversion_tests-1" <TIME = 0.173284>
>>FAIL: svnversion_tests.py 1: test 'svnversion' on a working copy and other directories
>>END: svnversion_tests.py
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