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[PATCH] Revised INSTALL directions for building the latest source under windows

From: John Barstow <John_Barstow_at_gfsg.co.nz>
Date: 2003-05-05 06:13:03 CEST

Incorporated the HOWTO from last week into the INSTALL directions. Patch is
attached below.
John C. Barstow

* INSTALL: Updated section II.E to explain how to build the latest source
under Windows using the dsp generator.

--- INSTALL (revision 5801)
+++ INSTALL (working copy)
@@ -598,12 +598,16 @@
       "Bootstrapping from a Zip File under Windows" above for more.)
       There is some support for building Subversion on Win32 platforms.
- The project files included in the source tree are from Microsoft
+ The project files generated by gen-make.py are for Microsoft
       Visual C++ 6.x; earlier versions of the compiler are not
       supported at this time. You'll also need a fairly recent version
       of the Microsoft Platform SDK; the header files that come with
       MSVC 6.x are too old.
+ To generate the project files, you will need Python 2.2 for Windows
+ installed. Installing Python will also allow you to run the test
+ suite after you build the source.
       To build the client components, you'll need a copy of neon
       0.23.7. See section I.5 for details on where to get one and
       what to do with it when you get it.
@@ -649,22 +653,61 @@
       and all the import libraries to <SVN>\db4-win32\lib. Again, the
       DLLs should be somewhere in your path.
- ***
- *** instead, see subversion_msvc.dsw in the root directory,
- *** and svn_config.dsp. the former references the individual
- *** .dsp files for building Subversion. svn_config.dsp is a
- *** small project to get some files prepared before building.
+ To build the Apache module, you will also need the Apache 2.0.45
+ or later Win32 source. You can download it from here:
+ http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi
- The workspace `subversion.dsw' at the top of the source tree
- includes all the necessary projects. Right now, only static
- libraries are built. The "__build__" project (active by default)
- builds all the libraries and programs. The "__check__" project
- builds the test drivers.
+ Finally, you will need to copy the Apache apr libraries into the
+ root of the Subversion source tree.
- You will have to edit the file svn_private_config.hw to set the
- correct paths for diff and diff3.
+ Walkthrough:
+ Unzip the Apache source. Copy the Apache apr, apr-util, and apr-iconv
+ directories from the Apache httpd-2.0.45\srclib directory to the
+ top-level Subversion directory.
+ Set the HTTPD environment variable to point to your Apache source.
+ For example, if you unzipped apache in C:\Projects\apache\, set
+ HTTPD to C:\Projects\apache\httpd-2.0.45.
+ Open the Apache.dsw file and build the Apache source.
+ If you don't build this, mod_dav_svn will not build, and you will
+ need to build each project individually since mod_dav_svn is the
+ project in the generated __ALL__ target.
+ Run "python gen-make.py -t dsp" to generate the Visual C++ 6.x
+ project files. Run "python gen-make.py -help" for alternative
+ (experimental) makefile formats.
+ Open the subversion_msvc.dsw file gen-make creates in the top-level
+ directory. Compile the __ALL__ target to compile everything, or
+ select individual targets.
+ The following is a sample script.
+ gunzip, tar, and unzip are native win32 apps taken from
+ http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/
+ c:\Projects> svn co http://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk subversion
+ c:\Projects> gunzip neon-0.23.9.tar.gz
+ c:\Projects> cd subversion
+ c:\Projects\subversion> tar -xvf ..\neon-0.23.9.tar
+ c:\Projects\subversion> ren neon-0.23.9 neon
+ c:\Projects\subversion> unzip ..\db-4.0.14-win32.zip
+ c:\Projects\subversion> cd ..
+ c:\Projects> md apache
+ c:\Projects> cd apache
+ c:\Projects\apache> unzip ..\httpd_2.0.45-win32-src.zip
+ c:\Projects\apache> cd ..
+ c:\Projects> xcopy /S apache\httpd-2.0.45\srclib\apr subversion\apr
+ c:\Projects> xcopy /S apache\httpd-2.0.45\srclib\apr-util
+ c:\Projects> xcopy /S apache\httpd-2.0.45\srclib\apr-iconv
+ c:\Projects> set HTTPD=C:\Projects\apache\httpd-2.0.45
+ c:\Projects> msdev apache\httpd-2.0.45\apache.dsw /MAKE ALL
+ c:\Projects> cd subversion
+ c:\Projects\subversion> python gen-make.py -t dsp
+ c:\Projects\subversion> msdev subversion_msvc.dsw /MAKE __ALL__
       [NOTE: There have been rumors that Subversion on Win32 can be built
           using the latest cygwin. ymmv.]

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