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[PATCH] French translation of the book

From: Francois Beausoleil <fbos_at_users.sourceforge.net>
Date: 2003-04-24 19:29:13 CEST

Hello guys !

Well, I started working on the French translation of the book. Like I
said earlier, I created a new folder where the French book could live.
Now, we need to do a simple test. Can a Linux user check the
doc/book/book/translations/french/ch01.xml file and see if the accented
characters are correct ? This should be the first step in finding
whether or not we can interoperate.

Thanks !

Created folders, copied files and set some properties:
cd doc/book/book
svn mkdir translations
svn mkdir translations/french
svn cp *.xml translations/french
svn cp *.css translations/french
svn cp images translations/french
cd translations/french
svn propset translation:last-updated-revision 5719 .
svn propset translation:help "last-updated-revision: Use the revision
number in this property to find what changes have occured in the English
version of the book that should be reflected in the French version. Use
svn diff --non-recursive --revision
[translation:last-updated-revision]:HEAD doc/book/book to get the actual
changes." .

Log message:
* doc/book/book/translations:
  New folder

* doc/book/book/translations/french:
  New folder

* doc/book/book/translations/french/book.xml,
  Copied the English book to a new folder where the
  French version can be worked upon.
  Translated the book's title.
  Started translating a small part of Chapter 1.

Property changes on: doc/book/book/translations/french
Name: translation:help
   + last-updated-revision: Use the revision number in this property to
   find what changes have occured in the English version of the book that
   should be reflected in the French version. Use svn diff
   --non-recursive --revision [translation:last-updated-revision]:HEAD
   doc/book/book to get the actual changes.
Name: translation:last-updated-revision
   + 5719

Index: doc/book/book/translations/french/book.xml
--- doc/book/book/translations/french/book.xml (revision 0)
+++ doc/book/book/translations/french/book.xml (working copy)
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@
   <book id="svn">
- <title>Subversion: The Definitive Guide</title>
+ <title>Subversion: Le Guide Définitif</title>
+ <!-- ###TODO: Find the definitive title :) -->
Index: doc/book/book/translations/french/ch01.xml
--- doc/book/book/translations/french/ch01.xml (revision 0)
+++ doc/book/book/translations/french/ch01.xml (working copy)
@@ -3,13 +3,14 @@
- <para>Version control is the art of managing changes to
- information. It has long been a critical tool to programmers,
- who typically spend their time making small changes to software
- and then undoing those changes the next day. Imagine a team of
- these programmers working concurrently, and you can see why a
- good version control system is needed to manage the potential
- chaos.</para>
+ <para>Le contrôle de version<footnote><em>Version control</em> en
+ anglais</footnote> est l'art de gérer les changements aux
+ informations. C'est un outil important pour les programmeurs
+ qui passent leur temps à faire de petits changements à un
+ et défont ces mêmes changements le lendemain. Imaginez une équipe
+ de ces programmeurs qui travaillent concurremment et vous verrez
+ pourquoi un bon outil de contrôle de version est nécessaire pour
+ gérer le chaos potentiel.</para>
@@ -20,28 +21,31 @@
     <title>What is Subversion?</title>
- <para>Subversion is a free/open-source version control system.
- That is, Subversion manages files and directories over time.
- The tree of files are placed into a central
- <firstterm>repository</firstterm>. The repository is much like
- an ordinary file server, except that it remembers every change
- ever made to your files and directories. This allows you to
- recover older versions of your data, or examine the history of
- how your data changed. In this regard, many people think of a
- version control system as a sort of <quote>time
- machine</quote>.</para>
+ <para>Subversion est un logiciel de contrôle de version, libre
+ <footnote><em>Open Source</em> en anglais</footnote>.
+ Subversion gère des fichiers et répertoires à travers le temps.
+ L'arbre des fichiers est placé dans un
+ <footnote><em>repository</em> en anglais</footnote>. Le dépôt
+ ressemble beaucoup à un serveur de fichiers ordinaire, à la
+ qu'il se souvient de tous les changements survenus sur vos
fichiers et
+ répertoires. Ceci vous permet de récupérer d'anciennes versions
de vos
+ données, ou d'examiner comment vos données ont changées depuis. À
+ égard, plusieurs personnes voient les systèmes de contrôle de
+ comme des <quote>machines à voyager dans le temps</quote>.</para>
     <!-- ### something about subversion facilitating communication
     between developers?? -->
- <para>Some version control systems are also software configuration
- management (SCM) systems. These systems are specifically
- tailored to manage trees of source code, and have many features
- that are specific to software development (such as natively
- understanding programming languages). Subversion, however, is
- not one of these systems; it is a general system that can be
- used to manage <emphasis>any</emphasis> sort of collection of
- files, including source code.</para>
+ <para>Certains systèmes de contrôle de versions sont aussi des
+ gestionnaires de configuration de logiciels<footnote>
+ <em>Software Configuration Management (<acronym>SCM</acronym>)
+ Systems</em> en anglais</footnote>. Ces systèmes sont
+ créés pour gérer des arbres de code source et possèdent certaines
+ fonctionnalités qui sont spécifiques au développement de logiciels
+ (comme par exemple comprendre les languages de programmation).
+ Subversion par contre n'est pas un de ces systèmes, c'est un
+ général qui permet de gérer <emphasis>tous</emphasis> type de
+ incluant du code source.</para>

  Francois Beausoleil
  Developer of Java Gui Builder
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Received on Thu Apr 24 19:30:11 2003

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