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Re: checksumming crap

From: <lele_at_seldati.it>
Date: 2003-01-28 02:43:14 CET

[Sorry Karl for the repost, this was for the list...]

 On 27 Jan 2003 18:07:30 -0600, Karl Fogel kfogel@newton.ch.collab.net said:

     recorded checksum: f86e0240984a0240d81d0908a01d0908 actual
     checksum (hex): cb6161ca16f9984bd26b25a07c1f6b15 actual
     checksum (base64): y2Fhyhb5mEvSayWgfB9rFQ==

    KF Okay, you must have been running a dev build somewhat past
    KF 0.16.1, or you would have seen a different error text here.
    KF Furthermore, the recorded checksum would have been in base64,
    KF since we didn't start recording checksums in hex until after
    KF 0.16.1.

Yes, I said that at the beginning of my post.

     Ok, so now I have the latest client: $ svn --version svn,
     version 0.17.1 (dev build) compiled Jan 26 2003, 02:55:40
     and I repeat the last commit, that as I was supposing it emits
     the very same message

    KF Okay, at least it's behaving consistently. Somehow the text
    KF base has gotten corrupted, it seems. Are there any properties
    KF on this file? Can you run 'svn pl -v StatutoSCR.lyx
    KF StatutoSCR_Compatto.lyx' and post the output?

No, I do not use properties (yet :); that workingdir is locked (I
haven't updated the mod_dav on server :/) so I cannot check to be sure
110%: checking out a copy via svn:// confirms that there aren't
properties involved.

     I'm tired, and will go on tomorrow on the server side. But as a
     last try, I:
     $ cd /tmp $ mkdir p $ cd p $ svn co svn://caia/Scarambol . ...
     Checked out revision 17. $ cd p/Documenti $ cp
     ~/Scarambol/Documenti/Statuto_SCR_Compatto.lyx . $ svn st M
     StatutoSCR_Compatto.lyx $ svn ci -m Reso su due colonne,
     eliminata la lista dei fondatori StatutoSCR_Compatto.lyx
     Sending StatutoSCR_Compatto.lyx Transmitting file data .
     Committed revision 18.
     as expected, since svn doesn't use checksums.

    KF svn doesn't use checksums == has no entries file to
    KF compare, right?

Sorry, I do not understand here. I meant, using svnserve on the server
does not involve the same amount of checksum checking, does it?

     A subsequent svn cat | diff shows no differences ;-)

    KF Ahh, okay, you can 'svn cat', so that probably means you
    KF downgraded your client back to 0.16.1, right?

    KF So what exactly was the diff command above? Without knowing
    KF what you were comparing (working file? text base?), it
    KF doesn't mean much.

No, the newer client cannot talk with svn_dav 0.16.0, so I extracted a
new wc via svn:// and committed the new revision of the file from
there, then extracted a copy of the doc with svn cat svn://... and
diffed against the committed version. It was just to be able to fall
asleep, knowing my changes were stored in the same order i did them :)

    KF Thanks for the detailed report. With patience I hope we can
    KF work out a reproduction recipe for this...

Well, I do not seem to repeat myself here, having nothing new to add,
if not a doubt. Let me redraw the situation that lead to the error:

 a. svn cp existing-file new-file
 b. svn commit new-file
 c. lyx new-file

without errors. At this point I have that in the .svn/text-base dir I
find, as I expected, two identical files, existing-file.svn-base and
new-file.svn-base. But in the entries, I find that the checksum
for the existing-file matches, while that of new-file does not,
and it is not the md5sum of neither newfile nor that of
.svn/text-base/newfile.svn-base. I do not understand if this is
expected, although I guess it isn't (or is entries::checksum
reflecting the *actual* md5 of the *working copy*??)

well, that's it I'm afraid, I cannot see both 4am and 8:30am for too
days in a row :|


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