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Re: Java binding status

From: Daniel Rall <dlr_at_collab.net>
Date: 2002-12-31 03:06:15 CET

On Tue, 24 Dec 2002, Michael Wood wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 03:34:21PM -0200, Marcus Brito wrote:
> > Subject says all: what's the current status of the Java/JNI bindings?
> > Currently, it doesn't even compile. If noone is maintaining it, I'd like
> > to acquire more information so I can continue the work.
> >
> > Side note: I'm a java programmer, not a C programmer. I'll sure need
> > some with with the JNI stuff :)
> Subversion uses SWIG for the Python bindings, and the people who are
> currently working on Java bindings seem to think that SWIG should be
> used for the Java bindings too. I am in no way involved in that, so
> you'll have to wait for a reply from them as to the status.
> Maybe the subversion/bindings/java directory should be removed? Or
> there should at least be a README there to tell people that the they are
> out of date and that the SWIG bindings should be worked on instead.

I've done more work on the SWIG/JNI bindings (C code, build system, etc.),
which is waiting for commit on PacBell and AT&T for connection of DSL at my
new residence (don't hold your breath).

I've decided to pillage the existing (incomplete) JNI code to create a set
of Java interfaces which will be implemented using SWIG. These interfaces
could also be implemented using straight JNI or even completely
re-implemented in 100% Java (something I strongly recommend against).
Here's the first draft of a README I started a while back (very rough and
slightly out of date already), which you'll eventually be able to find in
the repository at trunk/subversion/bindings/java/README:

                     Subversion Java integration

$LastChangedDate: $


     I. STATUS
     V. TODO


       A SWIG-based JNI implementation of Java bindings for Subversion
       are under development. They can be built via the
       "swig-java-lib" target of the source tree's top-level make
       file. If you don't have such a make file, see the INSTALL
       document in the same directory for further instructions.

       The Subversion Java libraries require extensive development to
       be reach a functional state. Consumption by end users is not
       yet advised.

       Java bindings for Subversion were originally initiated by
       Alexander Mueller (xela) as hand-coded JNI bindings, with the
       intent of producing a desktop GUI client, and were eventually
       discarded in favor of a C++/wxWindows implementation which
       wraps the C reference libraries. Developers of the SWIG
       implementation are encouraged to refer to xela's initial work
       for guidance.


       tigris.org's C library is the reference implementation of a
       Subversion client's logic, and is the most robust client
       implementation available. An alternative to its rapidly
       maturing code base and active developer community which is of
       similar quality would require significant effort, effort more
       efficiently contributed towards further development of the
       loadable libraries shared by all existing implementations.


       It's likely that Greg Stein has already answered this on the
       dev@subversion.tigris.org mailing list. Search the archive
       (http://subversion.tigris.org/servlets/SearchList?list=dev) and
       fill in this space with answers of his from there.

       The main accessor class for the SWIG-generated Java code is
       org.tigris.subversion.swig.Subversion. It consists of a set of
       static methods which wrap the raw and hard to understand
       generated code.


       Update xela's JUnit work, adding a swig-java-check target to
       the top-level build system.

           swig-java-check: swig-java-lib

       Start making the client library functional:

       * Add a file (to an existing working copy)
       * Update to a specific global revision
       * Commit a file
       * Check out a working copy
       * etc.

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