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Subversion 0.16 released.

From: Ben Collins-Sussman <sussman_at_collab.net>
Date: 2002-12-04 18:28:54 CET

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Another release of Subversion is upon us. As you can see from our
CHANGES file, this release has mainly focused on code reorganization
and huge numbers of bug fixes. The latest version is known to work
correctly against the httpd/apr/apr-util included in the apache-2.0.43

A much-rewritten version of the Subversion Book, a work in progress,
has also been posted to the file-sharing area of Subversion's website.

If you are a developer, you may interested in playing with a new
experimental network layer, ra_svn, which speaks a custom protocol
over plain TCP. You can read about it at the end of the latest

Here's the relevant section from our CHANGES file:

Version 0.16 (released 4 Dec 2002, revision 3987)

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svn cat' subcommand
 * new --revprop flag to access revision props, -r for versioned props (#943)
 * new "compression" runtime option in ~/.subversion/config
 * svnadmin/svnlook now use help system, and some subcommands deleted or moved.
 * tool changes:
    - new svnshell.py tool
    - new mirror_dir_through_svn.cgi script
    - new svn_load_dirs.pl features
    - updates to vc-svn.el
 * --message-encoding is now just --encoding, and affects svn: propvals too.
 * major rewrites of chapters 3, 4, 5 of the Subversion Book.

 Developer-visible changes:
 * new network layer, libsvn_ra_svn! still experimental.
 * all svn_error_t's now allocated in subpool of global pool.
 * reorganize svnlook/svnadmin subcommands & option-parsing (#540, #915, #910)
 * all log messages and svn: props now stored as UTF8/LF endings (#896)
 * huge cleanup/reorg of all svn_path_* routines
 * svn_client_status sends feedback, distinguishes unversioned vs. ignored
 * improvements to swig typemappings and build processes
 * fixes to pool cleanup handlers
 * begin abstraction of gen_make.py
 * entry-caching improvements
 * stop using global apr_xlate objects
 * win32-innosetup code added to packages/
 * new work on ruby bindings and swig-java bindings
 * many, many bug fixes: various small coredumps, svn_error_t leaks,
   copy props correctly (#976), copy executable bits correctly (#982),
   test-system fix (#882), accidentally imported tmpfile (#964),
   ra_local checkout memleak (#985), accidental wc deletion (#988),
   better text vs. binary detection (#994), dav log-report error
   handling, bad 'svn switch' dav caching (#1000), don't call NULL
   callbacks (#1005), bogus switch feedback (#1007), eol-style file
   corruption (#920), getdate.y fix (#1009), ra_local error reporting (#900),
   start of work on issues #830 and #869.

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