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beginning manpage alterations

From: David Waite <mass_at_akuma.org>
Date: 2002-07-26 08:41:31 CEST

Attached is a new manpage for the 'svn' application. The commands and
command-line arguments are documented, but there is still quite a bit of
cleanup, additional documenting of commands, datespec, command-line
arguments accepted by each command, svn-understood properties and
environment variables.

However, since I'm going to take a break from working on the manpage for
right now, I figure I would send it back upstream to make sure it isn't lost

-David Waite

.\" You can view this file with:
.\" nroff -man [filename]
.TH svn 1 "27 Jul 2002" "svn 0.14.0" "Subversion Command Line Tool"
svn \- Subversion command line tool

.B svn
.I command
.I options
] [
.I args

This manpage covers all the features of the
.B svn
command line tool.

.B Subversion
is a version control system, which allows you to keep old versions of files
(usually source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred,
etc., like
.BR "cvs(1)" ", " "rcs(1)" ", or " "sccs(1)" "."
.B Subversion
keeps a single copy of the master sources. This copy is called the source
``repository''; it contains all the information to permit extracting previous
software releases at any time. More about
.B Subversion
as a general version control system is documented elsewhere.

The options available to different subversion commands. Note that only some
of these options are valid with each command.
.BR -h " or " --help " or " -?
show help on a subcommand
.BR -v " or " --version
print client version info
.BR -q " or " --quiet
print as little as possible
.BR -v " or " --verbose
print extra information
.BR -V " or " --very-verbose
print maxmimum information
\fB-D\fP or \fB--date\fP \fIDATESPEC\fP
specify a date corresponding to
(instead of a revision.)
\fB-r\fP or \fB--revision\fP \fIREVSPEC\fP
specify revision or range of revisions corresponding to
.BR -R " or " --recursive
descend recursively
.BR -N " or " --nonrecursive
operate on single directory only
.B --force
force operation to run
\fB-m\fP or \fB--message\fP \fImessage\fP
specify commit message
.I message
\fB-F\fP or \fB--file\fP \fIfile\fP
read data from file
.I file
.BI --xml-file " file
read/write xml to specified file
.I file
.BI --message-encoding " encoding
take log message in charset encoding
.I encoding
.BI --targets " file
pass contents of file
.I file
as additional args
.BI --username " name
specify a username
.BI --password " password
specify a password
\fB-x\fP or \fB--extensions\fP \fIarguments\fP
.I arguments
as bundled options to underlying diff util
.B --xml
output in XML
.B --strict
use strict semantics
svn has many options. Remember to run "
.B "svn help"
to display a list of all commands, and to request a help text for a particular
command, run
.B "svn help command"
\fBadd\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] [ \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP ]
Put files and directories under revision control, scheduling them for addition
to repository. They will be added in next commit.

.B example:
svn add foo.c bar.h baz/ bat/*.m

\fBcheckout|co\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] \fIrepository\fP [ \fIdestination\fP ]
Check out a working copy from a repository, into a subdirectory named either
based on the last portion of the repository path, or the optional
.I destination

A necessary preliminary for most Subversion work: creates your private copy of
the source for \fIrepository\fP (the repository must be identified with a valid
URL string). You can work with this copy without interfering with others'
work. At least one subdirectory level is always created.

\fBcleanup\fP [ \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP ]
Recursively clean up the working copy, removing locks, resuming unfinished
operations, etc.
\fBcommit|ci\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] [ \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP ]
Use this command when you wish to ``post'' your changes to other
developers, by incorporating them into the source repository.
\fBcopy|cp\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] \fIsource destination\fP
.RI Where " source " and " destination
can be directories or files, referenced locally by path and within a
repository by URL. `copy' is used where you want to make a copy of
.I source
so that
.I destination
will share ancestry of
.IR source .
Unless it is a directory,
.I destination
must not exist (like traditional UNIX
.BR cp(1) ,
.I source
will be placed inside of a directory of
.IR destination .)

\fBdelete|del|remove|rm\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] ( \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP | \fIURL\fP )
Mark the given files/directories for deletion upon commit. When you
commit, the entries will be removed from the head revision in the
repository, and deleted from your working copy.

If given a URL, the specified file is deleted with an immediate commit

\fBexample:\fP svn delete foo.c bar.h

\fBdiff\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] ( \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP | \fIURL\fP[@\fIrev\fP] \fIURL\fP[@\fIrev\fP] )
Display file changes as contextual diffs. The target can be a
directory, in which it operates recursively. The target can be an URL,
although this is only useful if two revisions are also given.

\fBexample:\fP svn diff README

Compares the working copy version of the file with current repository

\fBexample:\fP svn diff -rHEAD README

Compares the working copy with most recent repository version.

\fBexample:\fP svn diff -r123:456 README

Compares revisions 123 and 456 of the file in the repository.

  svn diff -r123:456 http://rep.com/repo/README

Compare revisions 123 and 456 of the file in the repository without
the need for a working copy.

\fBexport\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] ( \fIURL\fP [ \fIdestination\fP ]| \fIpath1\fP \fIpath2\fP )
exports a clean working version into a directory. If a URL is specified,
the latest version (or specified revision) is checked out either into
.I destination
or into a directory named after the last path component of the URL if
.I destination
was not specified.

If two local paths were specified,
.I path2
gets a clean copy of the contents of
.IR path1 ,
preserving local changes but not copying files not under source control.
.BI help|h|? " [command]
Without a given command argument, this prints generic help, including a
list of acceptable commands . If a specific command is entered, a short
description on how to use that command is presented.

\fBimport\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] \fIURL\fP [ \fIpath\fP ] [ \fINew-Repository-Entry\fP ]
Import a file or tree into the repository.

\fBinfo\fP [ \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP ]
Print info about a versioned resource.

\fBlog\fP [ \fIoptions\fP ] [ \fIURL\fP ] [ \fItarget\|.\|.\|.\fP ]
Show log messages (and affected entities) for commits in which any of the
entities in question changed. If none were specified, then recursive
inclusion is the default. The set of messages can be further restricted
by a date or revision range specification (using -D or -r). A URL can also
be specific to retrieve logs from a remote repository. If the URL is
passed alone, then only that entry will be searched. If paths are also
supplied with the URL, then only those paths are searched, based at the
given URL.

\fBexample:\fP svn log

Recursively retrieve logs for all revision under "."

\fBexample:\fP svn log README

Retrieve logs for only those revisions where README was affected.

\fBexample:\fP svn log http://rep.com/repo/README

Retrieve logs for the file without the need for a local checkout of the

\fBexample:\fP svn log README LICENSE

Retrive logs for all revisions where both files were affected.

\fBexample:\fP svn log http://rep.com/repo README LICENSE

Retrieve logs for both files in the remote repository without the need for
a local checkout of the repository.

\fBmerge\fI [ \fIoptions\fP ] \fIarguments\|.\|.\|.\fP [ \fItarget dir\fP ]

apply the differences between two paths to a working copy path. If
.I target dir
is not specified, it is assumed to be ``.'', the current working directory.
.BI mkdir " [directory...]
Create the directory(ies), if they do not already exist. The directories can
be specified as a local directory name, or as a URL.

.BI "move|mv " "[options] source destination"
.IR "source " "to or into" " destination" ". Both " "source " "and"
.I destination
can be specified either as a file path in the local repository or as a URL.

.BI "propdel|pdel" "[options] propname [target\|.\|.\|.]"
Remove property
.I propname
on files and directories.
.BI "propedit|pedit|pe" "[options] propname [targets]"
Edit property
.IR propname " with
on files and directories.
.BI "propget|pget|pg " "[options] propname [targets]"
Get the value of
.I propname
on files and directories.
.BI "proplist|plist|pl" " [options] [target\|.\|.\|.]"
List all properties for given files and directories.
.BI "propset|pset|ps ""[options] propname [value] [targets\|.\|.\|.]"
Set property
.I propname
.I value
on files and directories.
.BI "revert" " [options] [file\|.\|.\|.]"
Restore a pristine working copy version of file, undoing all local changes.
.BI "status|stat|st " "[options] [target\|.\|.\|.]"
Print the status of working copy files and directories.

.BI "update|up " "[options] [file\|.\|.\|.]"
Execute this command from \fIwithin\fP your private source directory when you
wish to update your copies of source files from changes that other developers
have made to the source in the repository. Without a given argument, this
command will update everything, recursively.

\fBexample:\fP svn update foo.c bar.h baz/ bat/*.m
.IR 2002-07-25 :
Updated to 0.14.0 (Alpha) release. (David Waite)
.BR svnadmin (1)

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