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svnlook fails as subprocess, but succeeds when run directly?

From: Karl Fogel <kfogel_at_newton.ch.collab.net>
Date: 2002-07-25 23:46:25 CEST

Okay, Ben and I have been debugging a bizarre problem with svnlook.
We happen to be testing over ra_local, but the same problem happened
(on the server) using ra_dav.

First, set up a hooks/pre-commit script in your repository that
attempts to retrieve the log using `svnlook'. For example, mine

   LOG=`${SVNLOOK} ${REPOS} txn ${TXN} log`
   echo "${LOG}" | grep "[a-zA-Z0-9]" > /dev/null || exit 1
   exit 0

(Don't forget to do "chmod a+x repo/hooks/pre-commit".)

This is the standard "Make sure there's a non-empty log message."
script, essentially the same one we're using on svn.collab.net.

Now try to commit with a log message that contains the character "".
See the commit fail:

   $ cat msg
    [... see the message, including '' ...]
   $ svn ci -F msg
   Sending iota
   Transmitting file data .
   apr_error: #22, src_err 0 : <Invalid argument>
     failure during string recoding
   svn_error: #21086 : <A repository hook failed.>
     Commit failed (details follow):
   svn_error: #21086 : <A repository hook failed.>
     pre-commit hook return non-zero status. Aborting txn.

Note that the top error is being printed directly to stderr by
svnlook. The next two errors are from ra_local -- the middle error
wraps the last error. They simply report that the pre-commit hook
script failed. (Subversion doesn't know why the hook failed, it just
knows that the hook exited with non-zero exit status.)

So, it appears that `svnlook' got an error converting the log message
(on the txn) from UTF-8 to native encoding.

That's already weird, because there should be no problem converting
from UTF-8's "" to ISO-8859-1's "". My client does that all the
time, so does Ben's. Our locales are both Latin 1.

At this point, Ben and I naturally wanted to try running `svnlook' on
the txn by hand. This required us to first make a temporary local mod
such that the txn would be left around after a failed commit, instead
of being aborted. We did this by commenting out the line

   svn_fs_abort_txn (eb->txn);

in subversion/libsvn_ra_local/commit_editor.c:close_edit(). Then we
tried the commit again, watched it failed in the same way as before
(which we expected), and then we did this:

   $ svnlook /path/to/repo txn a log

And it printed out the complete log message, including the "", with
no problem!

So can anyone think of a reason why svnlook would be able to do
charset transcoding when run by hand from the command line, but not
when invoked by a script (which itself was invoked by Subversion)?

(Yes, when http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=807 is
fixed, this problem will become mostly invisible. But although that
issue needs to be fixed for other reasons, it doesn't really help us
here -- it would just paper over a deeper problem.)

Thanks in advance,

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