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Subversion 'Alpha' released

From: Ben Collins-Sussman <sussman_at_collab.net>
Date: 2002-07-24 01:45:15 CEST

Gentle coders,

The ever-growing cadre of Subversion developers is proud to announce
the release of Subversion "Alpha" (0.14.0).

Since we became self-hosting eleven months ago, we've gone through ten
milestones. This milestone, however, is the one we've always been
working towards; it's a freeze on major features for our 1.0 release.
From here out, it's mostly bug-fixing.

We hope this announcement will lead to more widespread testing; we
welcome people to try Subversion and report their experiences on our
development list and issue tracker.

Everything can be found at http://subversion.tigris.org.

How do I start?

1. Bootstrap: download and build the latest source tarball, and use
    it to check out the latest source from svn's repository.

    Instructions are at: http://subversion.tigris.org/project_source.html

    Subversion's website may also contain binary distributions that
    you can use to download the latest svn source.

2. Read the main documentation, the "Subversion Handbook". The
    source of this document is in our tree, but postscript and online
    HTML versions of this document are also posted:


3. Please join the developer's discussion list
    (dev@subversion.tigris.org), or join us on irc.openprojects.net,
    channel #svn.

What's new?

From our CHANGES file:

 User-visible changes:
 * finally some documentation: The Subversion Handbook
 * i18n support for paths, prop names, and log messages; (not on Win32 yet)
 * support for URI-escaped paths
 * "-R" is now short for --recursive, and "-N" replaces "-n"
 * add the -R option to 'svn info' and 'svn resolve'
 * new syntax for 'svn switch' and 'svn co'
 * new 'svn-config' file installed
 * new commit-access-control.pl utility (feature #775)
 * new vc-svn.el, first pass at Emacs VC support for Subversion
 * lots of work on svn_load_dirs.pl (provides vendor-branch-like features)
 * new --message-encoding option for logfiles given by -F
 * support win32 drive-letters in file:/// urls
 * improved date output syntax: ISO-8601 prefix, then human-friendly suffix
 * the usual round of bug fixes

 Developer-visible changes:
 * UTF-8 changes
      - all libraries now assume UTF-8 input paths and log msgs
      - many apr calls are now abstracted into new svn_io_* wrappers
 * fs schema change
      - cache each revision's changed-paths in a new 'changes' table
      - another repository dump/load is required
 * a number of fs-dumper bugfixes and redesigns
 * test suite is now all python, so it can run on win32
 * reduce huge memory consumption of mod_dav_svn during checkouts
 * memory optimizations for prop-reading and 'svn diff'
 * bugfixes for commit-email.pl and tweak-log.cgi
 * lots of branch work on the delta-combiner and on libsvn_wc rewrite
 * numerous bugfixes: 'svn merge .' bug (#748), bug #764, two new
   ghudson-dirversioning bugs, #756, #675, #783, #796, wc-root bugs,
   #799, #800, #797, directory-removal bugs (#611, #687)


Here are some well-known bugs that may annoy you. Please also be sure
to read the project FAQ: http://subversion.tigris.org/project_faq.html

#730: checkouts aren't restartable.

        If you interrupt a checkout in progress, you'll need to toss
        the working copy and start over.

#739: berkeley db deadlocks.

        If an svn client is directly accessing a repository via a
        file:/// url and is interrupted, or crashes, (or if httpd
        crashes), the repository is likely to be left in a 'wedged'
        state. You'll need to run 'db_recover -ve -h repos/db' to
        unwedge the repository.

Existing Repositories

If you have an existing svn repository, you will need to 'dump' and
'load' it to use Subversion Alpha; the filesystem DB schema changed
in both r2093 and r2491.

A HOWTO document is included in the notes directory of our source
tree, and can be read online here:


Miscellaneous Entertainment

Subversion uses WebDAV as its network protocol, which is an extension
of HTTP. This means that you can use your ordinary web browser to
peruse Subversion's own repository:


You can also mount the repository as read-only as a Win32 "WebFolder",
in Mac OS X, or in GNOME's Nautilus browser.

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