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Re: [PATCH]: --with-neon switch should ignore neon/ subdir.

From: David Kimdon <dwhedon_at_debian.org>
Date: 2002-04-16 06:11:12 CEST

Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 11:12:03AM -0500 wrote:
> Based on the above description, the log message, and the new dnl
> comment in the code, I infer that `--with-neon' will cause a
> $srcdir/neon subdirectory to be ignored even if no value is passed to
> `--with-neon'. (It's not clear to me from the actual code what will
> happen, though, so maybe I'm wrong?)
You are correct, good point.

> Anyway, if that's true, it seems a bit counterintuitive. Certainly
> --with-neon=FOO should cause svn to find neon in FOO, but what should
> --with-neon alone mean? Hmmm...

How about --with-neon requires an argument?

$ ./configure --with-neon
. . .
configure: checking neon library
configure: error: --with-neon requires an argument.

Revised patch follows.


        * ac-helpers/neon.m4 (SVN_LIB_NEON): During configure if
          --with-neon=PREFIX option is passed ignore any neon/ subdir
          in the source tree. Instead use the the neon installed in
          PREFIX if possible.

Index: ac-helpers/neon.m4
--- ac-helpers/neon.m4
+++ ac-helpers/neon.m4 Mon Apr 15 21:03:33 2002
@@ -5,15 +5,17 @@
 dnl to match versions of Neon that can be used. latest_working_ver
 dnl is the latest version of neon that can be used, which is not
 dnl necessarily the latest released version of neon that exists.
-dnl can be used. url is the URL of the latest version of Neon.
+dnl url is the URL of the latest version of Neon.
-dnl If there is a neon/ subdir we assume we want to use it.
-dnl If the subdir is the wrong version we exit with a failure
-dnl regardless if neon is installed somewhere else on the system.
+dnl If a --with-neon=PREFIX option is passed search for a suitable
+dnl neon installed on the system whose configuration can be found in
+dnl PREFIX/bin/neon-config. In this case ignore any neon/ subdir
+dnl within the source tree.
-dnl If there isn't a neon/ subdir then we look for 'neon-config'
-dnl in PATH (or the location specified by a --with-neon=PATH
-dnl switch).
+dnl If no --with-neon option is passed look first for a neon/ subdir.
+dnl If a neon/ subdir exists and is the wrong version exit with a
+dnl failure. If no neon/ subdir is present search for a neon installed
+dnl on the system.
@@ -30,18 +32,13 @@
               in a subdirectory of the top source directory and then to
               look for neon-config in $PATH.])],
- if test -d $abs_srcdir/neon ; then
- AC_MSG_ERROR([--with-neon option but neon/ subdir exists.
-Please either remove that subdir or don't use the --with-neon option.])
+ if test "$withval" = "yes" ; then
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([--with-neon requires an argument.])
- if test "$withval" = "yes" ; then
- AC_PATH_PROG(neon_config,neon-config)
- else
- neon_config="$withval/bin/neon-config"
- fi
+ neon_config="$withval/bin/neon-config"
     if test -d $abs_srcdir/neon ; then

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