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[PATCH] allow skip of neon version check

From: Bruce Atherton <bruce_at_callenish.com>
Date: 2002-03-08 22:35:18 CET

At 10:24 AM 3/5/02 -0600, Karl Fogel wrote:
>What does the patch to add the option to the build system look like?
>If it's pretty small/simple, I'm +1. Make developers' lives easier,
>and they'll keep developing. :-)

Since I'm the one asking for this, I guess I'd better be the one to supply
the patch. A few points:

1. I'm a complete autoconf newbie. Be gentle with me if I've broken all
kinds of unspoken rules.

2. I didn't particularly want this documented so I provided no help string,
but I can't see how to prevent a blank line being generated in the configure

3. It seems redundant to me to have two completely different
implementations of a Neon version check. Does autogen.sh really need it
when it is in configure? This patch would be simpler if the neon check
could be taken out of build/buildcheck.sh.

4. autogen.sh doesn't do proper parameter parsing, so the --disable flag
has to be the first parameter. Not a big deal given the target audience, I

Added the --disable-neon-version-check parameter which causes any
version of neon to be considered correct for svn.
* autogen.sh
Passes parameter to build/buildcheck.sh

* configure.in
changes the allowed neon version to all if parameter present

* build/buildcheck.sh
changes the allowed neon version to all if parameter present

Index: ./configure.in
--- ./configure.in
+++ ./configure.in Thu Mar 7 16:02:53 2002
@@ -107,6 +107,15 @@
NEON_WANTED_REGEX="`sed -n '/NEON_WANTED_REGEX=/s/.*=//p' $srcdir/build/buildcheck.sh`"
+dnl You can skip the neon version check only if you know what you are doing
+ [],
+ [
+ if test "$enableval" = "no" ; then
+ fi
+ ],
+ [])
NEON_LATEST_WORKING_VER="`sed -n '/NEON_LATEST_WORKING_VER=/s/.*=//p' $srcdir/build/buildcheck.sh`"
eval "`grep '^ *NEON_URL=' $srcdir/build/buildcheck.sh`"
Index: ./build/buildcheck.sh
--- ./build/buildcheck.sh
+++ ./build/buildcheck.sh Thu Mar 7 15:25:00 2002
@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
echo "buildcheck: checking installation..."
+# Initialize
# autoconf 2.50 or newer
@@ -56,10 +59,14 @@
+if test "x$CHECK_CONTROL" = "x--disable-neon-version-check"; then
if test -d ./neon; then
NEON_VERSION="`./ac-helpers/get-neon-ver.sh neon`"
case "$NEON_VERSION" in
echo "buildcheck: neon version $NEON_VERSION found in ./neon/."
Index: ./autogen.sh
--- ./autogen.sh
+++ ./autogen.sh Thu Mar 7 15:24:22 2002
@@ -16,7 +16,12 @@
# Run tests to ensure that our build requirements are met
-./build/buildcheck.sh || exit 1
+if test "x$1" = "x--disable-neon-version-check"; then
+ shift
+./build/buildcheck.sh $CHECK_CONTROL || exit 1
### temporary cleanup during transition to libtool 1.4
(cd ac-helpers ; rm -f ltconfig ltmain.sh libtool.m4)

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