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Re: hard links (was Re: Subversion != your filesystem (was mv != (cp && rm)))

From: Chris D. Sloan <cds_at_cs.hmc.edu>
Date: 2001-11-29 08:33:00 CET

Just for the sake of curiosity, I decided to test the closest
equivalent in CVS and see what they did. I made a repository with two
modules, moda and modb. The modb module contains a file called
"foo". Then I did the following:

cd /tmp
cvs checkout moda

cd /tmp/moda/1
cvs checkout modb
cd modb
echo 1 >> foo

cd /tmp/moda/2
cvs checkout modb
cd modb
echo 2 >> foo

cd /tmp/moda
cvs commit

At this point I was asked for a commit message for moda/1/modb/foo and
moda/1/modb/foo. I entered them and the commit went through. I
looked at the file's log. It contained the original contents (rev
1.1), the original with 1 appended (rev 1.2), and the original with 2
appended (rev 1.3). In other words, the commits in the first
directory were saved as a revision, but were otherwise ignored (didn't
cause a merge).

At least it didn't lose any information, but it did sort of hide one
of the sets of changes. If I was going to suggest a proper solution,
I come up with these two ideas: 1. You could force the user to
resolve it by breaking it into two commits (and an update/merge). 2.
There could be a command to merge both versions to resolve the
conflict. That would be neat, but it seems like extra complication.


On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 01:40:35PM -0500, Greg Hudson wrote:
> On Wed, 2001-11-28 at 13:20, Karl Fogel wrote:
> > We don't have any plans for hard-link support in the filesystem, as
> > far as I know, actually. It's dangerous in Subversion for the same
> > reasons its dangerous in a regular filesystem -- we need to prevent
> > cycles.
> We can probably prevent cycles. But supporting hard links raises some
> big cans of worms, because we have to map our semantics onto a working
> directory somehow. How do we represent hard-linked files in the working
> directory? Copies? Hard links? Symbolic links? Hard links won't work
> for directories (or in AFS, if the two linked files are in different
> directories), and neither hard links nor symbolic links will work on
> non-Unix platforms. If we represent them as copies, we run into a whole
> bunch of commit-time error cases, like what happens if a user changes
> both copies and then tries to commit (or changes both copies and then
> commits one copy, and we have to try to propagate the change back to the
> other copy in the working dir).
> I can see some use cases for hard links (example: if apr, apache, and
> subversion all lived in the same repository, apr could exist inside both
> the apache and subversion source directories and never get out of sync
> with the master copy), but I think it's just too complicated on balance.
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Chris Sloan
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