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Possible bug in libsvn_ra_dav/commit.c? Any sprintf gurus please look.

From: B. W. Fitzpatrick <fitz_at_red-bean.com>
Date: 2001-11-21 06:38:24 CET

(Questions at the very end. This is just a lengthy lead-in). :)

OK. I've spent the better part of this evening trying to figure this
out. 'svn commit' works fine... on every platform except Mac OS X.

(In other news, I got svn building on Mac OS X 10.1.0
tonight. Yaaaay. Now I need to get it to work!).

When I run 'svn commit', I get a Segmentation Fault on Mac OS X.

I've run svn under gdb eight ways to Sunday, and I've isolated the
crash to libsvn_ra_dav/commit.c, in the function create_activity.

Now here's where it gets weird.

For reference, here's the code in question:

1 static svn_error_t * create_activity(commit_ctx_t *cc)
2 {
3 svn_stringbuf_t * activity_url;
4 apr_uuid_t uuid;
6 svn_stringbuf_t uuid_str = { uuid_buf, sizeof(uuid_buf), 0, NULL };
7 int code;
9 /* get the URL where we'll create activities */
10 SVN_ERR( get_activity_url(cc, &activity_url) );
12 /* the URL for our activity will be ACTIVITY_URL/UUID */
13 apr_uuid_get(&uuid);
14 apr_uuid_format(uuid_buf, &uuid);
16 /* ### grumble. this doesn't watch out for trailing "/" */
17 svn_path_add_component(activity_url, &uuid_str, svn_path_url_style);

Note that uuid_buf is declared (APR_UUID_FORMATTED_LENGTH == 36) right
before uuid_str, the first member of which is a pointer to the
beginning of the uuid_buf char array.

now, if I do a 'p uuid_str' with my program pointer on line 14 (before
apr_uuid_format is called), I get this:

    (gdb) p uuid_str
    $3 = {
      data = 0xbffff9bc "",
      len = 36,
      blocksize = 0,
      pool = 0x0
However, if I step over that and do the same on line 15, I get this:

    (gdb) p uuid_str
    $6 = {
      data = 0xfff9bc <Address 0xfff9bc out of bounds>,
      len = 36,
      blocksize = 0,
      pool = 0x0

the pointer in data has changed from:

    0xbffff9bc to

Looks to me like the beginning of the pointer is getting truncated.

My guess is that the sprintf is writing 37 bytes starting from
uuid_buf, and uuid_str->data, being next in memory, is getting stomped
by the trailing null. 'man sprintf' was a bit confusing, but this is
what I get from it...

So I look inside of apr_uuid_format. Basically it does an sprintf of
uuid->data into uuid_buf. I checked... it's doing sprintf'ing 36
bytes, and we've allocated 36 bytes, so all should be OK.

And now, finally my questions:

1. Doesn't sprintf throw an \0 onto the end of the string that you sprintf into?
2. Shouldn't we allocate uuid_buf as [APR_UUID_FORMATTED_LENGTH +1] ?
3. Why doesn't this blow up on other platforms? Why oh why oh why?
4. When it comes to stewed prunes, is three enough? Is two too many?

Any insight would be appreciated so that I can fix this bug.

If any apr folk on this list have access to moof.apache.org, you'll
find svn in my home dir if you want to check it out.


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