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M7: Branches and Tags

From: Ben Collins-Sussman <sussman_at_collab.net>
Date: 2001-11-13 23:31:22 CET

Last Friday, gstein flew to Chicago and {gstein, kfogel, cmpilato,
sussman, fitz} had a grand-old design and brainstorm session about how
to design the UI for branches, tags, merges, and so on. This mail
gives an overview of what we'd like to do for svn 0.7.

First, we want to make 'svn cp' into an all-powerful command:

 We have four use cases for 'svn cp' now.

    A. svn cp wc_path1 wc_path2

       This duplicates a path in the working copy, and schedules it
       for addition with history. (This is partially implemented in
       0.6 already.)

    B. svn cp URL [-r rev] wc_path

       This "checks out" URL (in REV) into the working copy at
       wc_path, integrates it, and schedules it for addition with

    C. svn cp wc_path URL

       This immediately commits wc_path to URL on the server; the
       commit will be an addition with history. The commit will not
       change the working copy at all.

    D. svn cp URL1 [-r rev] URL2

       This causes a server-side copy to happen immediately; no
       working copy is required.

[Note: we're using the phrase "tag" to mean "branch or tag"; they're
the same thing, and for now we're assuming that per-installation
administrative policy and/or ACLs will bother to differentiate. The
svn filesystem certainly doesn't.]

So how do I create a tag? Assume that the repository has a layout
like this:


In the simplest case, if I want to tag the HEAD of trunk, I don't even
need a working copy. I use case (D) above:

   svn cp http://foo.com/repos/project1/trunk \

Voila, no working copy needed. A "cheap" (constant-time) directory
copy is made on the server.

In a more complex case, suppose the state of my tree (mixed revisions
and all) is exactly what I want the tag to look like. In that case, I
use case (C):

   cd top/of/my/wc
   svn cp . http://foo.com/repos/project1/tags/milestone-6

I should mention that as a rule, cases (A) and (C) always notice mixed
revisions when committing.

Second, we have a new command: 'svn switch URL [-r rev]'

This command performs an update on your working copy, making it
reflect a new URL. This is how you "move" your working copy to a
branch or tag.

Really, 'svn up' is just a special case of 'svn switch', where the URL
is assumed to be the one you already have.

There's nothing magical about this command -- it will be fairly easy
to write, we hope; instead of calling svn_repos_dir_delta() on two
identical paths, the paths will be different now. The good news is
that _dir_delta doesn't care one bit. It examines node-rev-ids
anyway, and notices relationships between them. If, when updating
your working copy from a trunk to a branch, it discovers that 80% of
your files are already correct, then it won't send them. (However, if
you ask to switch your working copy to a completely unrelated URL,
then dir_delta probably *will* do something as extreme as removing and
re-checking out a new working copy.)

Also -- if the user has local mods that conflict with the switch, one
may very well get an 'obstructed update' error. An update is an
update, after all. Let the user beware; if she wants to switch her WC
to a branch cleanly, she should make sure her WC is clean to begin
with. :-)

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