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Re: go to the principal's office (was: Re: sigh)

From: Eric S. Raymond <esr_at_thyrsus.com>
Date: 2001-04-03 13:12:21 CEST

Greg Stein <gstein@lyra.org>:
> Larry at least has had the decency to *apologize* to the list members for
> the intrusion. Whether he is right or wrong, he has recognized that many of
> us are pissed, and it is directly/indirectly his fault.

I've already apologized to one listmember. I'll make that general, for
any avoidable part I may have played in creating unpleasantness here.

I see that I should have attached a smiley to the line about suing for libel.
I thought it was pretty damn funny when my wife said it over my shoulder.
I would never even dream of actually suing somebody over remarks on email.
But I shouldn't have assumed that anyone here, even those of you who have met
me face to face, would know my reactions that well.

I wish to also make clear that the reason I haven't unsubscribed here, even
though the technical talk has been mostly details about Subversion internals
that I don't get, has been because I respect the attitude and ability of
this team. I still think the binary DB is a bad idea, but I think it's
a bad call by smart people rather than an indication of incompetence.

And I'm not just blowing smoke, I've already been substantially helpful.
I have recommended to VA that we second some talented people over here to
help out, and it's thus at least partly my doing that Chip Salzenberg
is able to be here.

		Eric S. Raymond
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