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My code is where my mouth is now...

From: Bruce Korb <bkorb_at_cruzio.com>
Date: 2000-10-19 16:07:44 CEST

Attached is a tarball used to create an executable that
processes a lot of options and does nothing else. The
ia32 Linux binary is at:


To make changes in option naming, flag character acceptance
etc., change the *opts.def files, rebuild and everything is
up to date.

It will do stuff like this:

> $ ./svn help
> What command do you need help with?
> You must type the command you need help with along with the `--help'
> command line option. Choose from the following commands:
> ad add ann annotate branch checkout ci
> co commit copy cp del delete di
> dif diff exit help im imp import
> lo log mv new pget propget propset
> pset quit rdiff rename rm stat status
> tag up update

> $ ./svn exit --help
> USAGE: exit
> This command is provided as a means of exiting `svn' when it is being
> used to process a series of commands.

> $ ./svn log --more-help
> svn_log - Print out history information for files
> USAGE: svn log [ -<flag> [<val>] | --<name>[{=| }<val>] ]... <file> [ ... ]
> Flg Arg Option-Name Description

<< I need to tweak AutoOpts here... :->>

> These options are uniuqe to this command:
> Flg Arg Option-Name Description
> -b no default-branch-only Only list revisions on the default branch.
> -d YES date-range Specify dates (D1<D2 for range, D for latest before).
> -h no header-only Only print header.
> -N no no-tags Do not list tags.
> -R no file-only Only print name of RCS file.
> -r YES revisions Only list revisions REVS.
> -s YES states Only list revisions with specified states.
> -t no text-and-header-only Only print header and descriptive text.
> -w YES for-logins Only list revisions checked in by specified logins.
> -R YES repository SVN repository identifier
> These are the common options that apply to all commands:
> Flg Arg Option-Name Description
> -a no authenticate Authenticate all communication.
> -n no dry-run Do not change any files.
> -e YES editor Edit messages with EDITOR.
> -x no encrypt Encrypt all communication.
> -k YES keyword-expansion Set/Use keyword expansion
> -f no no-load-opts Do not read the `~/.cvsrc' file.
> -l no no-log Do not log in CVSROOT/history file.
> -q no quiet Alias for: --verbose=quiet
> -r no read-only Make new working files read-only.
> - prohibits these options:
> writable
> -s YES set-var Set a user variable to a value.
> -T YES tempdir Put temporary files in TEMPDIR.
> -t no trace Trace CVS. Alias for: --verbose=trace
> -V KWd verbose What level of chatter?
> -w no writable Make new working files read-write.
> - prohibits these options:
> read-only
> -z YES zip-level Set the compression level.
> These options are common to many commands:
> Flg Arg Option-Name Description
> -l no local-dir Local; run only in current working directory.
> - prohibits these options:
> recursive
> -R no recursive Operate recursively (default).
> - prohibits these options:
> local-dir
> Auto-supported Options:
> Flg Arg Option-Name Description
> -H no help Display usage information and exit
> -! no more-help Extended usage information passed thru pager
> opt save-opts Save the option state to an rc file
> -L YES load-opts Load options from an rc file
> - disabled as --no-load-opts
> - may appear multiple times
> Options may be specified by doubled hyphens and their name
> or by a single hyphen and the flag character/option value.
> The following option preset mechanisms are supported:
> - reading file $$/../share/svn/svnrc/.svnrc
> - reading file $HOME/.svnrc
> - reading file ./.svnrc
> - examining environment variables named SVN_LOG_*
> The valid verbose option keywords are:
> silent
> quiet
> progress
> activity
> detail
> trace
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