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Re: XML-outputting editor questions

From: Bob Miller <kbob_at_jogger-egg.com>
Date: 2000-09-30 06:17:02 CEST

Greg Hudson wrote:

> I was going to have a go at the editor which outputs XML, but:

Oops, me too. I haven't produced any code yet, but I've been
looking at the same questions and outlining the solution.

> * Uh, where do I find a description of what XML elements I
> should be outputting? This is the big roadblock.

There are several examples, look at all the files named *.delta.

Branko also posted a DTD which describes the language. It's here.


> * Karl's framework has this variable postfix_text_deltas.
> What is it for?

It's possible to either put text deltas in line, like this,

        <file ancestor="/path/to/foo">
          <text-delta>text delta in line</text-delta>

or you can put the text deltas at the end, like this.

        <file ancestor="/path/to/foo">
          <text-delta-ref id="(What goes here?)"/>

Then, after the final </tree-delta>, but before the </delta-pkg>,
you insert a number of these.

        <text-delta id="(What goes here?)">text delta data</text-delta

Take a look at libsvn_delta/tests/postfix.delta for an example
of the latter.

I think the editor can intuit which to do like so. If you see
close_dir() or something that opens a new file_baton (add_file(),
replace_file(), add_dir(), or replace_dir()) before seeing
close_file(), then you should generate a text-delta-ref and store it
in the file_baton under the assumption that a text-delta for that
file_baton will come along later.

I guess text-delta ids can be any unique strings, picked by the

As for the boolean, I dunno. I was going to make the inline vs.
postfix decision for every file. Karl had something different in

> * The envisioned interface svn_txdelta_to_vcdiff() doesn't
> jive with the edit_fns model, which wants to use a push
> model. Maybe Branko has already addressed this in his work.

I don't know.

> I did implement escape_string(), since that was easy.

Heh, heh. Me, too.

The important question is, are you going to implement this, or am I?
I posted an intent a couple of days ago, but tacked it into a long
thread about something else where it was easy to miss. If you want
to do it, I can go back to cvs2svn...

kbob_at_jogger-egg.com, http://www.jogger-egg.com/
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